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Big 12 Baseball Tourney

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Pharm Frog, May 25, 2016.

    Great interview. Thanks for sharing. 
  2. Fun Zone (til it's not)
  3. horton here's a ho.
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  4. Kentucky... Bourbon and Baseball... I could get on board with that.
  5. Wasn't it a 3-1 pitch when Baker homered in the 10th? I'm glad they didn't but why wouldn't you walk him? He really is impressive for his age.
  6. Some more than others.
  7. Those of you that subscribe to the theory that finesse/offspeed LHP give us fits need to pray to god that SE LA isn't the 4 seed in FW.
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  8. I think I'd be careful doing the Baker/Landestoy airborne forearm smash. Landestoy is lucky he didn't snap his ulna/radius! I guess Baker would only be Thor!

    (I know, ugh...)
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  9. I was trying to be somewhat diplomatic.
    Wasn't a Ghetto when I went there.
  11. Forecast for next weekend is pretty ugly so far. I booked my flights.
  12. What was your favorite Augie Garrido moment?
  13. Arguably the worst school in FW now
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    Your just fishing for someone to post the epic locker room tirade.
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  15. I'd like to know what a crazy hot scale is. I'm guessing Johnny Manzels ex is off the charts based on this scale?
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    All I know is that it must have a generational change component built in.  Some of what is passing for hot at 8-9-10 levels currently baffle me.  And to be honest, some don't.
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    Note that the Crazy Axis starts at 4:
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  18. she's not that attractive and seems very crazy. Not sure good combo
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  19. That is hilarious. So this chart is also a measure of what men will sacrifice for sex with a hot woman. 
    A little optimistic that all wife material is rating 8 to 10s but the "fun zone" girls are less hot. 
    I'd like to see the overlay chart of how alcohol plays a part of this picture :)
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  20. I think I saw her and another girl at the Alamo Bowl this year. I heard people whispering that it was her. She was decked out to the nines for the football game. Appeared a bit buzzed too.

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