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Big 12 Baseball Tournament 2019 Thread

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by GoFrog Yourself, May 22, 2019.

  1. Good Lord. Now Eissler balks.
  2. So how many frogs saw the game yesterday, then decided to make a last minute trip to OKC to see their beloved frogs play? You know some did. I almost did. I feel sorry for those fans, seeing the [ Cumbie’s red zone playcalling ] show that this game has been thus far
  3. Well they could go back to the Big 8 format and just have the top four teams play.
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  4. I know our defense sucks...but we need to give our guys a little slack. They are playing their 5th game in 5 days...probably got 5 hours sleep for the second night in a row and were at the ballpark for probably 15 hours yesterday.
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  5. Shepherd knew immediatley what had happened so I guess TCU wasn't clueless. The middle infielders are going to have their backs to play and have no idea he didn't retouch second base.
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  6. Next pitcher please. We are absolutely hitting the middle of the bullseye, that is positioned directly in the middle of the strike zone.
  7. Yep, but we have a few "fans" who get off by finding fault and blasting individual players no matter the circumstances.
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  8. For future recruiting classes should we have the recruits show they can field a bunt and then throw the ball to first base without an error before they are offered a scholarship?
  9. Maybe OSU will run rule the Frogs and get this torture over.
  10. Who knew Abliene was official "Storybook Capital of America"?
  11. Nice crowd in the stands today.
  12. So that low pitch on the corner is a strike now. Thanks, Blue.
  13. Frogs not really liking umps irratic zone. Can't say I disagree
  14. It's not even church. It's some cabaret [ deposit from a bull that looks like Art Briles ]. Had to pull up the OSU feed on XM.
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  15. Church is at 11 a.m. to noon.
  16. OSU's 1B first base mitt looks like those catchers mitts they experimented with in the late 80s. The waffle part looked at least an inch thick. Weird.
  17. Church sucks.
  18. So, if King was in the plan, why wasn't he the starter?
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  19. Start on Tuesday after a Thu-Sat regular season final series. Taking just 4 would almost always forfeit a potential extra bid for the conference
  20. Win G1 and don’t worry about it

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