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Big 12 Baseball Tournament 2019 Thread

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by GoFrog Yourself, May 22, 2019.

  1. They have to clear the stadium right?
  2. Game only 2.5 hours so far @2314
  3. I am watching on delay - trying to find a used car - just finished the top of the fifth. I guess the key to getting a shutdown inning is score 14 runs.
  4. Or pitch King

    Oh what could have been had we started here...
  5. Augie Milbauer in to pitch now.

    If we get past 7th with out walking 8 players, we'll run rule them.
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  6. Attaboy Arrighetti! Extend the tournament!
  7. Attaboy Augie!
  8. Attaboy Bobby!
  9. May go to B7 yet
  10. Bullpen had to bring us back to reality...
  11. We will see you in Omaha!!!!
  12. Gonna be a very late night for BU and Okie Lite. I approve.
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  13. I have to admit, this is my mind of game!
  14. Looks like clearing the stadium sure won't take long.
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  15. It does take time
  16. 4 more wins
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  17. In presser, coach said the managing challenge of this game was deciding whether to pull King in order to use him again Sunday. Decided best to leave him in and try to get out of there in 7.

    He didn't rule out using King again, though.
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  18. He’s going to have to if we get to Sunday somehow
  19. Is it just my phone or is something wrong with the terrible Big 12 baseball app? It just list every game as 0-0. It also does. not show baserunners. Pretty half ass.

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