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"Beto" O'Rourke vs Ted Cruz for U.S. Senate

Discussion in 'Killingsworth Court, Formerly The General Forum' started by Nick Danger, Mar 1, 2018.

  1. Beto isn't going to win in Texas, it's a nice pipe dream, but there isn't a blue wave coming and if the economy continues to improve and Trump actually gets something done in North Korea over the next few months the Democrats' enthusiasm will be matched by the right in the midterms. Furthermore you're not going to win in this state on the platform he's running on: in favor of transgendered individuals using opposite sex bathrooms and locker rooms, increased EPA regulation, repealing DOMA, gerrymandering for me but not for thee, expanding Obamacare, supporting the DREAM act, unfettered access to abortion, and gun control.
  2. I'll consider voting for Beto if he owns his true background and runs as Francis.
  3. Beto v. Cruel Cruz?

  4. My reaction when Nick does his best Peter Parker expression and tells us that they are going to turn Texas blue:

  5. "If you are not a liberal at 20 you are heartless, but if you are not a conservative by 40 you are brainless"

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