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"Beto" O'Rourke vs Ted Cruz for U.S. Senate

Discussion in 'Killingsworth Court, Formerly The General Forum' started by Nick Danger, Mar 1, 2018.

  1. i think there is a huge difference between what works to get someone elected to office and what works to get anything done while one is in office

    based upon on the federal government has or has not worked in quite some time the two require distinctly different skill sets
  2. That's one of the most absurd things I've ever heard.
  3. Texas Democrats were fighting this for a while.

  4. How so??
  5. To blame the actions of warlords in a 2nd world country on the hypothetical words of the leader of the free world.
  6. Against Cornyn? Absolutely. Texas Republicans better figure that out. If Beto ran against him it would have been a 5 pt win for Francis.
  7. Except in 2nd world country:
    We send 719 MILLION per year to. This is 4th out of 49 for contries in the region. Keep in mind, the flint water crisis was "too expensive" at 55m.

    Our troops are working directly with their military, according to SOCAFRICA, over 1700 SOF are deployed to the continent and over 5000 conventional. Yes, this is over 20ish countries specifically, but it has been confirmed Nigeria is one of those. It is said every 12 man SOF team is equal in terms of capability to a battalion (300-800) of conventional so in terms of firepower, we have plenty there. Hell the entire, 3rd group specializes in African operations. More than 20% of all active SOF teams are in Africa at the moment.

    You contradicted yourself, "leader of the free world" implies Trump is more than just the leader of the United States. Therefore yes, another nation listened to what he had to say. Oh by the way - "Hypothetical - having the nature of a hypothesis; assumed; supposed" Those words were not supposed - Nothing was hypothetical about what Trump said, he said what he said.

    Another country justified a lethal action based off what our president said. Again, at a minimum what Nigeria did falls under the war crimes against civilians under the Geneva Convention, of which Nigeria is a part of 1-4 and protocols 1-2. They then justified their actions to the United States, who they receive 719m per year from. If you don't see an issue with that... Good Greif.
  8. I see a lot of inaccurate comments that all the Dem senators that voted against Kavanaugh lost. It's a 3/2 split in the 5 red states with Dem senators that voted for Kavanaugh.

    Jon Tester voted against Kavanaugh, Trump's tax bill, and AHCA.
    Tester won with 49.2% in 2006
    Tester won with 48.6% in 2012
    Trump beat Clinton by a 20.5% margin in 2016
    Tester won with 50.1% in 2018--his highest % ever

    A significant number of Ohioans split their ticket to re-elect Sherrod Brown by a 6+% margin and a larger share of the vote than he received in 2012. As a reminder, Trump won Ohio in 2016, but Brown received a greater % of the vote share this year than Trump did in 2016.

    But proceed with your narrative based on 3 other states.
  9. scheiss ohio

    in even more disturbing news about the dumbasses who voted straight party democrat in harris county in a pro beto anit-trump messaige

    not bad enough the highest ranking elected official in harris county is a 27 year old translator from the medical center who is now in charge of a $1.5B dollar budget, a $2.5B flood control project, and 7,000 employees even though she has never been in charge of anything in her life.

    tip for those living near one of the bayou's in houston who were hoping on help in the future.scheissING MOVE QUICKLY

    adrain freaking garcia won election as one of the county commissioners. garcia is one of THE biggest pieces of [ Cumbie’s red zone playcalling ] to be involved in harris county affairs the past decade and has not only a very long history of covering for friends charged with sexual harassment but putting these friends into positions in which they can act in such abusive manners.

    yes you damn ass voters in harris county. you sure showed trump and backed beto f
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  10. I think we can all agree that houston sucks but chill out dude.
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  12. seriously, the man who bitched and whined like a freaking 12 year old on this very thread is telling me to chill out.

    why? because the scheissing moron's who straight party voted for beto and against trump elected a 27 year old who has no clue and is now overseeing the largest flood control project in this state in an attempt to avoid a repeat of the largest natural disaster in the history of the state?

    or that they just elected one of the biggest pieces of [ Cumbie’s red zone playcalling ] in a decade?

    curious about your thoughts about what trump said about grabbing women or sleeping with porn stars.

    as bad as those might be those don't compare for continually covering up for friends who have sexually harassed numerous women and you spent more time covering that up than running his department

    i don't even think mother jones prior to the election would have told you that either deserved to win the election, but they did for one reason and one reason only.

    scheissing morons voting straight party for beto and against trump, but if you think this will only impact harris county and not impact the state live in your bubble
  13. DFW > Houston. Not concerned.

    Straight-party voting is gone now, so you’ll get your wish next time around. That said, Harris County is trending more blue so, not to be too harsh, but get used to it or get involuved in Democratic primaries.
  14. This thread is sad. No conscious astute true Texan would vote a Canadian in the Texas senate over a Willie Nelson backed born and raised Texan. Bunch of Myopic Lemmings posting in here and doing mental gymnastics to justify voting in a Corrupt Lyin Canadian paid for by Corps who doesn't give two "popcorn farts" about a single Texan.

    Congrats, you are a Canadians %*$#%.
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  15. Was just curious, so apparently good news O’Beto

    Being convicted of a felony in the US does not bar one from holding an office. Someone convicted of multiple felonies whether he served his sentences or not is eligible to run for office, be elected, and serve his term. He can even serve from prison. We have had two convicts running for president from prison.

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