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Bet you didn’t know.

Discussion in 'The Pit' started by Paint It Purple, Oct 16, 2020.

  1. Obviously, you are admitting here that Joe Biden's lying and corruption are factual and true. Geezer will be very disappointed.
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  3. Any one who actually WANTS the job of President should automatically be disqualified for it. You don’t become wealthy or a career politician without screwing a whole bunch of people over.

    That said, Trump is a corpulent, amoral miscreant who belongs in jail, not the White House.
  4. Actually I find the Biden embrace of wind/solar/sustainable energy as a source of good paying jobs with strong growth potential pretty interesting. Texas already has shown good leadership here and the promise of energy security free of any kind international reliance seems reassuring. It a win-win-win in my book.
  5. Washington Compost is the CIA's official newspaper. They pushed russian collusion BS for 3 years. They are not credible
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  6. Love to see right wing [ deposit from a bull that looks like Art Briles ] bring out all the nut jobs on the board
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  7. Interesting. Think about that for just a sec. Not until 3 years could you to even add wealthy to your rather cynical belief about the presidency and Washington DC. You suppose the swamp fought him so ferociously because he’s a “corpulant, amoral, miscreant” or because their corrupt little kingdom was threatened?
  8. Okay. But, it’s not exactly very original thinking. In fact Trump SecEnergy Perry is responsible initiating almost all of Texas’ wind farms over the last 15 years.
  9. More famous for being responsible for accidentally initiating Trump’s impeachment and for coining, “Adios Mofos”. But yeah, I agree, it is a strength not only for our country, but for Texas. And a really positive way to grow the economy in a way that matters.

    You asked for an example, that’s one that comes to mind. Original? Hell, they call it Obamacare, but it should be called Romneycare. It’s still a good idea, too, if both sides could work together to make it work.
  10. The swamp, lol. The swamp was nuthin compared to what it has become under his corruption. And yeah, I actually think many people fought him for being a draft dodger, being morally and financially corrupt, pissing all over POWs and military families, for self-dealing, for installing his know-nothing ne’er do well daughter and son-in-law in positions of power, for alienating our allies, for fawning over some of the worst autocrats on the globe, for paying off pornstars and playmates, for bragging about committing sexual assault, and in general for being completely bereft of anything approaching a sense of decorum, much less class.
  11. To his eternal shame. They don't generate crap, kill zillions of birds and bats, and clutter the landscape with derelict eyesores.
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  12. I'm going to ask you a question. It won't take much thought, but it might get your gears turning: Why would Russia back Trump?

    Trump has overseen the deployment of fracking, a technology that has revolutionized the Oil and Gas industry and has made America energy independent for the first time since the 50's. We are now an exporter of energy.

    Russia doesn't have much in the way of exports, but, what they do have is Oil and Gas. Since America has developed and deployed fracking, the price of oil has plummeted. Russia has been crushed by the drop in oil prices, and, is hurting in the LNG market as well. Their main source of national income has been pulled out from under them by a flood of cheap American oil.

    Biden and his pals are committed to banning fracking. Were they to gain power, Russian fortunes would soar overnight, thanks to the departure of American oil and gas exports.

    Again, this isn't some crazy right-wing stuff, it's common knowledge. The election of Biden would be an incalculable boon to Russia. Thus, my question.

    Think about it.

    Oh, and since I'm a crazy right-wing type, I invite you to read what your candidate has to say about it himself. Read the whole thing: https://joebiden.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/08/UNITY-TASK-FORCE-RECOMMENDATIONS.pdf
  13. He is consulting with the Ministry of Truth at his Reddit group for a reply. The Wildlife Society estimated over 500,000 birds killed per year in the US by wind energy.
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  14. I’m with you Brewing. I travel throughout Texas, into some out-of-the-way places where some of the most beautiful 50 mile long vistas and mesas are now ruined by windmills. The vast majority of people advocating for them have never even seen one, much less the ruin the cause. I’d rather have an oil well in my back yard than a 300 foot tower with 200 foot wing spans.
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    Putin wants the US to be less respected, less trusted, and less stable - because that makes the US weak. So he loves a US led by a blabbering fool and isolationist. The US standing has plummeted and Trump never stands up to him. For a man stuck in the 1970s USSR mindset, it’s a dream come true to see the US divided and weak and completely ignoring Russia’s bad acts (and the bad acts of Russia’s trading partners).

    Beyond simply working to weaken the US’ voice and power, Putin also had policy/economic/political incentives to see the Iran deal and Paris accord crumble. And he wants a weaker Europe. (Hence Russian backed interference in Brexit votes and the 2017 French elections.) There were no good answers in the Syrian mess - but it worked out as well as it could for Russia. Without traditional US leadership on the world stage, Putin has been able to strengthen his and Russia’s fairly weak hand.

    Fracking came along well before Trump and will be around long after—in the US and elsewhere. Net oil and gas imports peaked on the US around 2005 and has been on a steady downward trend ever since. The US actually became a net exporter of refined petroleum products under the Obama admin in 2011 before becoming a net exporter of all petroleum (refined + crude) in 2019. So this is a trajectory we’ve been on for quite some time over the past 3+ administrations.
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    No, Putin wants US Presidents to be corrupt politicians with a history of selling influence.
  17. Hogwash. Nothing pretty about an oil well and they smell, are louder than a wind turbine and much, much more toxic. Your opinion is stupid and wind turbines are awesome. Much, much better than oil rigs.
  18. Sorry to bring some facts into this, but US started exporting oil in January 2016, during the Obama administration. The Barnett Shale really started taking off in 1998 during the Clinton administration.
  19. Energy production is rarely pretty. The Hoover Dam absolutely destroyed the Black Canyon. And pump jacks are about as ugly as they come.

  20. Yet, you use your share of it and probably more every day. Day in, day out. Why some might call you a big ol’ hypocrite.

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