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Bet you didn’t know.

Discussion in 'The Pit' started by Paint It Purple, Oct 16, 2020.

  1. Fake News QueerAnon
  2. How do we know the email is authentic?
    We do not. The New York Post published PDF printouts of several emails allegedly taken from the laptop, but for the “smoking-gun” email, it shows only a photo made the day before the story was posted, according to Thomas Rid, the author of “Active Measures,” a book on disinformation. “There is no header information, no metadata.” The Washington Post has not been able to independently verify or authenticate these emails, as requests to make the laptop hard drive available for inspection have not been granted. The New York Post said it obtained the material from former New York mayor Rudolph W. Giuliani, a personal lawyer to President Trump.

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  3. Doesn't this belong in "The Pit" forum?
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  4. This news is gonna make our OL better or something
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  5. How many times you going to post this?
  6. Is this sort of stuff what happens when we have a bye week?
  7. Oh no, more emails. Between this, Obama being a secret Muslims, and unmasking we should definitely re-elect a draft-dodging miscreant famous the world over for making orange pancake make-up hetero-normative.
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  8. Agree this doesn’t belong here. But since it is posted here, Biden is on tape bragging on how got the Ukrainian prosecutor fired that was investigating his son and the company he worked for. Came out several years ago. Lightly covered by the media.

    I only replied because a few posters seem to be in complete denial of politicians or parties are ever guilty of wrongdoing. It makes one look like an idiot with that behavior. Both parties do unethical chit.

    Free yourself from party allegiance and see things for how they really are. Elected officials serve us. It is not our job nor should we run cover for them.
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  9. No we do not know, you old geezer. But, might we all practice a bit of intellectual curiosity and seek all the facts we can? Or, are we so invested in our guy that we don’t care? The other candidate was buried under 3-1/2 years of disproven dirt and lies, that were published and televised every damn day 50-100 times a day. Twitter Facebook WaPo etc ignore the mere hint of this story. What if Geezer, they are authentic? You’re scared they are, aren’t you?
  10. Guiliani has an image of the hard drive. There's a lot of stuff on there, and they've only released just a little smidgen so far.

    As to veracity, while the imbecile Biden Campaign was telling everybody gullible enough to believe them that the emails were fake and the hard drive didn't belong to angelic little Hunter, the stupid [ "illegitimate Baylor boy" ]'s lawyer called the Computer shop's owner to try "to get his client's hard drive returned." Oops. I would also add that the Media circling the wagons and going radio-silent, while the Twitter/FB swine are actively suppressing the information augurs towards truth as opposed to lurid fiction. Were it fiction, why would they be so desperate to put a lid on it? Reporting ridiculous fiction never bothered them before. Remember the Russian Collusion Hoax? Or running with illegally obtained documents. Remember Trump's Tax Returns? Good times...

    The FBI was given the physical drive in December of 2019. From nearly that day forward, "intelligence sources" have been leaking to (surprise!) friendly Media that Guiliani was being fed "Russian disinformation" in an attempt to prepare the battlespace. It is likely that crack-addled angelic Hunter doesn't clearly remember what was on the machine, and thus specific damage control is difficult. But the drib-and-drab strategy of release is particularly delicious to watch.
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  11. Least self-aware post of the day at minimum. You should heed your own self-righteous advice.

    From REUTERS... Not Fox, not MSNBC, from REUTERS:

    "The following timeline details key moments in the Biden family’s involvement in Ukrainian affairs and Trump’s effort to use those actions as political ammunition.

    April 21, 2014: Biden, then vice president, visited Ukraine’s capital, Kiev, in a show of support for the country’s government amid rising tensions with Russia.

    May 13, 2014: Burisma Group, a private company that has drilled for natural gas in Ukraine since 2002, announced that Hunter Biden would be joining its board. Around that time, Burisma’s founder, a former government official named Mykola Zlochevsky, was under investigation for alleged money laundering by Britain’s Serious Fraud Office.

    Dec. 8, 2015: Biden visited Kiev again and spoke out against bureaucratic corruption that he said was eating Ukraine “like a cancer.” Biden threatened to withhold loan guarantees unless Ukraine’s top prosecutor, Viktor Shokin, who had been widely accused of corruption, was removed.

    Shokin had investigated Burisma but the probe was dormant at the time Biden pushed for the prosecutor’s termination, Bloomberg reported earlier this year, citing a former Ukrainian official.

    March 29, 2016: The Ukrainian Parliament voted to remove Shokin.

    Jan. 23, 2018: Biden, at a Council on Foreign Relations event, detailed how he had threatened to withhold funds from Ukraine if Shokin was not removed.

    April 2019: Hunter Biden’s term as a Burisma board member expired and he stepped down from the company.


    "Accusations that President Trump shaped American policy toward Ukraine for his own political gain exploded into a crisis for the White House in September after a whistle-blower complaint. Lawmakers have been examining how Mr. Trump pushed the Ukrainians to investigate the hacking of the Democratic National Committee in 2016 and former Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. and his son Hunter, a lawyer and former lobbyist. Those questions are now at the center of the House’s impeachment inquiry.

    Once members of Congress turned their attention to Mr. Trump’s dealings with Ukraine, incorrect statements about the former vice president and his son started circulating again in far-right corners of the internet and on social media platforms like Facebook. Mainstream conservative media outlets like Fox News began running with some of the theories and Mr. Trump echoed them.

    Here are four of the most prominent false or misleading rumors that have spread and an explanation of what really happened (to the extent that we know).

    Why was Ukraine’s top prosecutor fired?
    The allegation at the heart of the controversy is that while Mr. Biden was vice president, he pushed to have Ukraine’s top prosecutor removed for investigating a company connected to Mr. Biden’s son Hunter, the Ukrainian natural gas firm Burisma. Videos pushing this theory began appearing on Twitter in late September and early October and have been viewed tens of millions of times. Mr. Trump’s campaign has also asserted the claim in ads on Facebook.

    Vice President Biden was overseeing American policy toward Ukraine at the time, and he did push for the removal of the country’s top prosecutor, who was seen as corrupt or ineffectual by the United States and Western European governments. But there is no evidence he did so to benefit Hunter Biden or the oligarch who owns Burisma, Mykola Zlochevsky.

    In 2014, Hunter joined the board of Burisma, which was then mired in a corruption scandal. Authorities in Ukraine, Britain and the United States had opened investigations into the company’s operations. Mr. Zlochevsky had also been accused of marshaling government contracts to companies he owned and embezzling public money.

    At the time of his board appointment, the younger Mr. Biden had just been discharged from the Navy Reserve for drug use. He had no apparent experience in Ukraine or natural gas. And while accepting the board position was legal, it reportedly raised some eyebrows in the Obama administration. The Burisma board position was lucrative: Mr. Biden received payments that reached up to $50,000 per month.

    A year later, Viktor Shokin became Ukraine’s prosecutor general, a job similar to the attorney general in the United States. He vowed to keep investigating Burisma amid an international push to root out corruption in Ukraine.

    But the investigation went dormant under Mr. Shokin. In the fall of 2015, Joe Biden joined the chorus of Western officials calling for Mr. Shokin’s ouster. The next March, Mr. Shokin was fired. A subsequent prosecutor cleared Mr. Zlochevsky.

    Mr. Biden took credit for the firing of Mr. Shokin as a foreign policy win during a talk at the Council on Foreign Relations in January 2018, when he boasted about holding up a loan guarantee to Ukraine until Mr. Shokin was removed."

    Blame the "Fake News Libruhl Medjia" in 3...2..1..
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  12. Does anybody ever fact-check the fact-checkers?
  13. Actually the payments were $83,333 per month. The showed up in bank statements during an investigation of his business partner.
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  14. Actually, it's just gullible fools such as yourself who continue to believe such excuses and pathetic fiction as what you linked to.

    Why would a Ukrainian Oil and Gas outfit pay $83,333/mo. to a dumbass cokehead to be on their Board? Perhaps because his name was Biden? What did they get in return for their investment? This isn't terribly complicated. And, no matter how you and the liars you go to for news weave increasingly complex excuses and counter plots to explain the clearly criminal activity going on here, Occam's Razor sill shows us that Biden and his cokehead whelp (And brother, and wife, and probably a slew of grandkids. Oops! Probably not the stripper's kid in Arkansas...) selling out Biden's office for profit is the likely answer. He learned a few things from the Clintons...
  15. LOL, Of COURSE they were hoping to curry favor with the present administration. . . It's ABSURD to think otherwise. What's mind-boggling is that tools like you get the vapors over this while ignoring, in a foaming-at-the-mouth manner, the MILLIONS of dollars monthly that Orangina and
  16. Losing argument, pissing in the wind.. Dem sweep coming, suck it Loser.
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  17. You don’t get it, Trump has changed the paradigm. Nothing a candidate has done matters. Pay porn stars hush money to hide an affair? No problem! Line your own pocket with millions from tax payers by incessant trips to your own resorts? No problem! Callously respond to nearly a quarter of million dead Americans while you get in Twitter spats with Rosie O’Donnell? You betcha. As long as you cut taxes on the wealthy and promise to make safe abortions illegal. Nothing matters anymore, so you are free to vote for whichever candidate makes you vomit the least.

    And please, if Trump Humpers find nepotism, shading dealings with foreign governments, and self dealing so horrible, I’m afraid you’re going to need to re-examine your own candidate as well.
  18. So, which are your favorite Biden/Democrat policies concerning the economy and jobs?
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