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Best Steak you ever ate: Home grilled or Restaurant?

Discussion in 'Tailgating/BBQ' started by Frognosticator, Jul 13, 2020.

  1. Huge key to good steak. Gotta bring that meat up to room temp. Cold steak on a hot grill is NOT the way to go.
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  2. Yep. All beef. I leave competition briskets (trimmed to about 5-6 pounds) out about an hour, and packers sometimes closer to 2.
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  3. When at home, I now cook with Wagyu from Central Market or Meat Board, which is now priced about 20% above USDA Prime whereas before it was 50% or more. I use a Big Green Egg and sear at between 600 and 650 degrees for about 3 minutes per side, then close the grill off completely for 2 minutes to get more char flavor into the meat (I use mesquite mini-logs). I used to sear at much higher temperatures (750+) for less time, but the outside of the steak was too charred. I lightly rub the steaks with a rub made of salt/pepper/brown sugar/coffee. I heat stainless steel insert plates (that fit into a wood cover plate) in a 500 degree oven for 30 minutes and douse with butter immediately before putting the steaks (medium rare/medium- pink inside) onto the hot plates and the meat sizzles for a couple of minutes. Wife and grown kids won't eat steak out at restaurants any more unless out of town.
  4. Do you have a recommendation for seasoning burgers?
  5. Oh, I have a recommendation for pretty much everything. :)

    I always use a little Worcestershire and a little Lawry’s seasoned salt. Recipes usually vary from there. Lately I’ve been adding a medium coat of the chupacabra steak rub pictured above and I honestly can’t remember liking anything I’ve ever tried as much.
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  6. Awesome. Thx
  7. Alton Brown says this is nonsense in his updated Good Eats steak special.
  8. Alton Brown smokes brisket fat side up.
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  9. I think this is an insult but the meaning is lost on me. Not a brisket guy, other than eating it.
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  10. Yeah, kind of a joke/insult.

    I like Alton Brown, though.
  11. Interesting- it may be an internal bias, but the steak that I have brought up to temp always seem to turn out better.... I'll have to check out the special. I like Alton- he breaks certain stuff down to a more basic understanding.
  12. Ate an A5 Wagyu Steak in Vegas. Steak will never be the same after that. Unreal.
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  13. I can do better at home, and it is not close! If I am cooking steak I start with at least choice. I will go with prime for certain occasions. I like to season my meat and let it rest for at least an hour before grilling. I don't think the room temp versus fridge makes a ton of difference. The key is to not constrict the meat and let the seasoning penetrate it. That will break down the fibers and caramelize the meat. Finally comes the cooking phase. I generally grill mine over some mesquite (may add other woods) at around 450*-500*. I know a ton of people that do reverse sears and other methods. I've cooked a few in a cast iron skillet with butter and other seasoning that have been good. I am not a huge fan of gas grills for most meats when I need a little smokiness.

    A lot of restaurants inject their meats especially steaks. They have other odd ways of adding flavor especially smoke. I get a little worried with some of these added liquid flavors especially smoke. My other issue is that a lot of steaks cooked at restaurants are just cooked poorly. If I am eating a good steak I like it rare to medium rare, and too many times I have gotten one back that is medium well. I went to a "high end" restaurant with my family, and I know the steak was not what was ordered. It was also advertised as prime, and I am pretty sure it was at best choice.
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    Mentioned This in the chili thread. Everybody may already know this but if not try Pendery’s on 8th? A spice business in Fort Worth since 1870. More expensive but you would find a world of heat-sealed pre packaged fresh spices and blends for steak, bbq, etc. along with every spice you can imagine. More expensive but big difference from what you get at the supermarket IMO.
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  15. been going to Pendrey’s for years...since before they moved to their current house. I bet I‘ve got 20 bags of their spices in my kitchen right now. They’re AWESOME.

    edit: I was wrong. Only 14.

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  16. Just turned in my first SCA competition steak. 45 teams, all with much more competition experience so I’m not expecting much, but pretty happy,


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