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Best Party School in Texas: TCU

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by peacock, Jul 14, 2020.

  1. I thought Texas State had a lock on this title....
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  2. Is this list supposed to be ironic? Pepperdine and BYU?
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  3. Pepperdine: Let's party?
    BYU: Break out the Dr. Pepper.
    Pepperdine: Only if you bring your wives.

    Edit: How bout some sexy Mormon Magical Underwear?
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    Im not sure why Pepperdine has the wives jab or party question mark. Their affiliation with the Church of Christ sort of puts them on our level doesn’t it?

    Now, BYU is a head scratcher unless there is an underground frustration outlet...
  5. it’s not serious - here’s a similar tweet that says the most popular sports team in MI is Ohio state.

  6. Lol. And the most popular team in Louisiana is the...Pelicans?
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  7. Hum OK....Ohio State is the most popular team in Michigan but not Ohio....
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  8. brings up the debate of what is the most popular team in TX? I’d say cowboys.
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  9. I think so. They did one the other day with "the most popular team in each state" that had ridiculous results like the Chargers for California and the Bills for NY.
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  11. They just take an alternative for a few states to drum up debate and get more likes/retweets. That’s most of what social media is today anyway, a bit of truth mixed in with something controversial to get people riled up.

    No chance the astros are more popular than the cowboys
  12. Well, they have won playoff games recently...
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  13. Pepperdine = Malibu. Nuff said.
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  14. I agree, however, the Astros recent success is fresh in people’s minds. But it doesn’t compare to the passion people have with the Cowboys even when they are losing.
  15. Yeah, them Cowboys keep racking up win after win, playoff game after playoff game, Super Bowl after Super Bowl. They're bound to be the most popular team in the state.
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  16. Because of their excellent management.
  17. Jim McMahon survived it somehow.
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  18. That campus is awesome.
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  19. I’m sure if there was an underground party sanctuary hidden from Holy Moroni, one eyed Jack would’ve have found it...
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  20. Anything that doesn’t have LSU on it for the state of Louisiana is pretty much ... the dumbest party school list ever.
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