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Best albums of all time excluding live or greatest hits compilations

Discussion in 'The Bar' started by tcudoc, Feb 26, 2021.

  1. Dry County is my favorite on that album. Very catchy tune.
  2. "Don't Change" off of that album is my all time favorite by INXS.
    I really enjoy INXS a lot, but they are more of a Greatest Hits type of band for me than individual albums. In the "Kick" era, they had some B-side releases that were better than some of their songs that made it onto their albums.
    U2 and Def Leppard were other bands that would release extremely high quality new music as B-sides.
  3. Got tired of catching up, so some/all of my top “listen to the whole thing” albums have been mentioned. In no particular order:
    - Metallica: Black
    - DMB: Under the Table and Dreaming
    - DMB: Crash
    - The Wallflowers: Bringing Down the House
    - Tracy Chapman: Tracy Chapman
    - Garth: No Fences
    - Chris Stapleton: Traveller
    - Jackopierce: Woman as Salvation
    - Eazy E: Eazy Duz It
    - Alan Jackson: Here in the Real World
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  4. Eclectic taste for sure.
    I used to be a huge DMB fan and still love their old stuff. The remnants of the original group are just not the same as they once were. Not terrible, just not great like their older stuff was. They had a great run though. When Leroi died, it was never the same again and then whatever happened with Boyd Tinsley. I think Leroi must have been the glue that held the band together. Butch Taylor played piano with them and he left as well.
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  5. Hey, now! Them’s fightin’ words to a Boomer! What about Paul Anka, Neil Sedaka, Bobby Vinton, Brenda Lee, etc.
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  6. Just stumbled on this thread and have read it through, good stuff.
    Might I add one for us older crowd, Chicago II, and for the younger
    Collective Soul Dosage.
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  7. Herb Alpert? Carpenters? Burt Bacharach?
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  8. Dosage is great stuff by Collective Soul
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  9. Moody Blues: "Days of Future Past"

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    I watched a Yes concert a few days back on AXS. It had Jon Anderson, Trevor Rabin, and Rick Wakeman. The rest were fillers.
    Wakeman has a wizard cape on and looked ridiculous. It was sad to see the absence of Chris Squire. You never really appreciate a great bass player until they are no longer there. He was a legend.
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    2112, and it was all downhill after that.
  12. One of those was my first concert. :rolleyes:....:eek:
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  13. Surge, purge, and loss of urge.
  14. Semi-on topic. Michael Buble puts on an amazing concert. The guy is funny as [ #2020 ] in between songs.

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