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Beat Baylor

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by ThisIsOurTime, Nov 3, 2019.

  1. Our daily reminder: Beat Baylor
  2. It is a new day. But don't forget: Beat Baylor.
  3. Crush Baylor! Blow them out of our stadium 55 to 3 drop them out of the top 25!
  4. Liked for the staying power. :)
  5. Another day and another reminder: Beat Baylor. That is all.
  6. We’re due for a few fumble recoveries.
  7. My three keys for success tomorrow.
    1. Get off to a quicker start offensively.
    2. Special Teams play special.
    3. Defensive front put pressure on the QB.
  8. Keep Mims in front of you and pressure Brewer for the dub
  9. Just win.

    And send all those sad dorks back to Waco.
  10. It's game day. Beat Baylor.
  11. Beat Therapists
  12. Which is perfect evidence that our defense guys know how to catch a ball. WRs, you can do it too!!!!

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  13. Together we burned their CFP dreams!

    We raped the horses!

    We rode off on their women!

  14. scheiss baylor, scheiss muck, scheiss the entire city of waco*. For all that is good and right in the world, and to deny evil its day in the sun....Go Frogs!

    * Except for the Dr Pepper and Texas Ranger Museums, and the Texas Sports Hall of Fame.
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  15. i have been listening to this all week!


    Get out the way y’all! Brewer just got dropped!
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  16. I scheissing hate 11am games!! With that being said, let's beat these scheissing weirdos and ruin their perfect season!!
  17. Let that 'Midnight Special'.....shine its everlovin' light on those fractured Frogs.
  18. It’s absolutely disturbing how many bear fans there are here today...
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  19. Y
    Yeah...our fans are not showing up today.
  20. Fear of a sewer backup.

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