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Discussion in 'Tailgating/BBQ' started by Paul in uhh, May 23, 2021.

  1. Ha! That’s amazing! I remember the BBQs Galore stores as well as the BBQ websites. I'd love to find my way into Buc-ee’s, but as a small business, I’m not ready to give up my margin at this point. In my other career (LOL), I’ve worked with Walmart, Costco, Best Buy, Sam’s, Target, etc and they all go deep into your pockets. The amount of eyes on the products is unmatched, but at this point, I’d rather be with HEB/Central Market stores before those larger ones. I would say if the opportunity presented itself, I’d have to think long and hard about it LOL. I will definitely look into all these locations. We already are on the shelves of a lot of Ace Hardware stores here and still growing. The locations here have some legitimate BBQ supply sections and are more approachable with helpful people than the larger box stores. We are in the premier BBQ stores here as well which is called the BBQ Pitstop. It’s the place to go for most people who want legitimate rubs and sauces from any well known competition cook or big name.

    Thanks for the info, I have some wholesale resources I’ll be looking into for sure!

    Here’s a little “brisket style” Chuck roast pic with the Midnight rub we make. Have a good night!

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