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Discussion in 'Tailgating/BBQ' started by Paul in uhh, May 23, 2021.

  1. When at bucees this evening I noticed they have a decent collection of bbq rubs. Killens, meat church, hardcore carnivore, plus a handful of others.

    anyone got a brand they prefer? I’m too lazy to make my own and I want to buy one as a gift.
  2. For what? And which Bucees?
  3. General bbq purposes. Madisonville but I’ve seen the same selection at other locations.

    The one in particular the catches my eye is the hard-core carnivore black which supposedly has activated charcoal in it? What is that supposed to do?
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    HC black (and other activated charcoal rubs) are useful for appearance purposes as a finishing rub on a brisket. Bark often gets steamed away when you wrap a brisket in foil or finish in a covered pan. Charcoal is kind of a sneaky way to improve appearance without affecting flavor. While Jess is nice and certainly WB, I’m not a huge fan of her BBQ rubs. They’re not bad, just not particularly flavorful. Of the stuff for sale at Bucees (at least my local one) I like Kosmo’s killer B chipotle, Killer Hog’s The BBQ Rub, and Meat Church Honey Hog and Voodoo. Anything in any of those lines is going to be good. There are some other brands up there I’m not as familiar with. Also, the $3 Bucees BBQ sauce ain’t bad at all.

    edit: and fwiw, The Barbque Store in Hempstead is only an hour away from your Bucees. Not one of my sponsors, but they sponsor several of my friends on the competition “trail” and are one of the best stores in TX for rubs, injections, sauces, etc. They’ve got damn near everything. I’ve ordered from them online a few times. Worth a drive to go taste test rubs.
  5. I’d defer to FIL on anything BBQ related topics due to his experience and being willing to answer my questions over the last year or so since I’ve taken this hobby on, and agree with his selections above. I currently have all of those and have used them many times. They’re all fantastic, can’t go wrong with any of them.

    I would say though, I am a big fan of hardcore carnivore. That charcoal does offer a great looking bark, and it may be totally coincidental, but the best brisket I’ve personally smoked had Hardcore Carnivore black on it. Lot to a good brisket outside of the rub though.

    Many of the pork and chicken rubs will include paprika in them for color more so than taste so what black is doing isn’t uncommon. It’s just marketed more to beef.

    When you look at these mass produced rubs, they all mostly have the same ingredients in them, just in varying combinations. If you’re sensitive to sodium, find a rub without salt and add your own so you can control how much you use.

    Some of the top guys like Aaron Franklin only use S&P for the most part, and he seems to make high quality meats.

    Unless you or the people you’re feeding have a really sophisticated pallet, as long as you have a S&P base, you’re probably going to be fine. Assuming the brisket is smoked properly. But figuring out the combo you like is part of the fun.
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  6. I lean towards Killer Hogs BBQ Rub....
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  7. Meat Church’s rubs have been good in the few time I have used them so far
  8. Ronnie Killen's stuff is basically salt and cracked black pepper. He does cook a fine piece of meat...

    As Netty points out, there's a lot of sameness to the ingredients list on those rubs, and with this in mind, I just make my own out of fresh spices I get from Pendery's in Fort Worth.

    And, wow! Am I going to make a pilgrimage to Hempstead? Oh, yes...
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  9. Give Hook's Rubs and Spices a look. Great product and the founder/owner is a TCU grad.

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  10. Really like Meat Church Holy Cow and Honey Hog.
  11. Salt and pepper.
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  12. Depends on the meat but I like meatchurch on non-beef (Holy Gospel is my favorite) and suckle busters SPG on beef.

    A lot of it is marketing though. You can make your own and it's better and cheaper but not a big enough difference for me to spend the extra effort over just buying off the shelf.

    Franklin's rub: 50% kosher salt, 50% 16 mesh pepper (throw in some paprika for coloring on non-beef)
  13. Hey thank you for the recommendation! We appreciate it. If y'all have any questions, please feel free to ask!
  14. Oh, the 'Midnight' looks delicious!
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  15. Yeah our Midnight Rub is pretty special LOL. It adds amazing bark/color and flavor to any meat, especially brisket and ribeyes. It’s a perfect balance of sweet with a touch of smoky heat, but the heat does not overpower any other flavor. There is a BBQ spot in Livingston using it on their brisket and they have been selling out. The joint is called Mijo’s BBQ. If you’re nearby, check them out!
  16. Or of course you can get some from our site LOL.
  17. Y’all have a storefront somewhere, or ship to any retailers? Haven’t really fallen in love with any of the black rubs out there, so I’d love to try something different, especially if from a TCU and/or local source.
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  18. Thanks for asking. I currently live in Utah and we ship to stores all over the place here. I am connecting with store locations in texas to try to sell on their shelves, but if you have any BBQ specialty stores or shops you go to normally, please give me their info as I’d love to connect with them. I ship direct to any business or residence in the US and normally ship to arrive within 2-3 days of the initial order.
  19. I go to a couple different stores because no one store close to me sells every product I use. If I were y’all, my first call would be Buc-ee’s. I get the sense they really squeeze their vendors, like Walmart, so you’d probably have to drop your margins, but they have a large bbq display and it will get you in front of an awful lot of eyeballs. None of the rubs on their shelves are priced above $9.99, and it’s the same stuff with a $12 price tag online and at other stores. I’d also definitely reach out to Outdoor Grill Sales in Weatherford (biggest selection in the “Fort Worth area” and allows sampling of each rub...a big plus for customers). Also Papo Joe’s in far north Fort Worth- Alliance area (smaller selection, but less than a month old and still growing...also allows sampling). Also Barbecues Galore in SW Fort Worth and Grapevine (don’t go there much anymore because of the other stores, but has a commendable rub selection and the location near TCU might be willing to play up your connection). Another spot you might call is Ace Hardware. They have a decent-ish sized rub shelf. I think they’re individually owned/operated, but the one by me in Keller (Jabo’s Ace Hardware) also has a sister location in Coppell and another right by TCU, which again might be willing to play up your connection. Finally, might look into online retailers too, if you don’t already. The BBQ Superstore and The Barbque (sic) Store are popular.

    Oh, and another great store is Champion’s in Amarillo. I always stop by when on my way to or from the mountains.

    Hope this helps!
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  20. https://ntxbbq.com/rubs/
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