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Or you can fly to Killeen/Fort Hood or Austin. The Fort Hood airport is busier than you think and Austin Bergstrom is really busy.
Fort Cavazos. Just drove I-35 and first time I noticed sign change. Also, Baylor really leaning into the construction along the interstate. (Did not stop.)


Baylor rot spreading...

The esteemed Colonel is correct.
Even a lowly company-grade officer can see that. I hope ADJD has this in bold type for every TCU employee & every yellow-jacket CSC employee on campus working security on game-days. Note the extract below from the OU article:

It was my expectation is it never would, based on boundaries we previously set: Here’s where there’s plenty of latitude to figure what this means, but a guess is that Briles wasn’t supposed to be near the OU football program, either formally or informally. Had those boundaries been crossed when Briles came onto the field?

Joe C. is one of the best athletics directors in the business. He hates controversy and there’s little doubt this cloud bothers him. So when he says he’s addressed it with the appropriate staff, you can bet it was immediately handled.

While some rabid OU fans may not like it, there’s nothing wrong with Briles being in the Memorial Stadium stands supporting his family. Lebby is right — family is family.

But there’s too much toxicity with Briles’ past for him to be anywhere near OU’s program. And Saturday’s moments on Owen Field was a bad look.”


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Your gif game is strong! I laughed out loud!



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Just FYI regarding renaming military installations....Most "forts" today are located in the southern portion of the country....In the days after the Unpleasantness between the States, southern states were solidly Democratic party-leaning in reaction to the harsh Republican party Reconstruction of said states of rebellion....Congress is managed and operated on the seniority system....Southern states continued to reelect the same people to the House and the Senate....They in turn had clout concerning expenditures for (government money spent in their states) and location of military bases (in the South) in the latter half of the Nineteenth Century...thus the many facilities named for Confederate veterans/heroes....Milder weather also was considered in location of the military bases....


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Dyslexia strikes again- thank you.

Point stands!
Counterpoint: our history is our history, both the good and the bad, and shouldn't be whitewashed if it's embarrassing lest we repeat it again in the future. All the monuments of "Civil War" figures shouldn't be torn down either. Whether we agree with them or not, they're memorialized because they were standout men of their day and age at pivotal moments in history. They should all be remembered; the good with the bad.

Fort Hood wasn't some old Army base named during or shortly after the "Civil War" that kept its Confederate era name far too long. It was designated and named after WWII. There was plenty of time for the democrats in control of the White House and Texas governor's mansion to find a more appropriate Texas war hero after whom they could name the installation if it was worth doing. Once they picked the name Hood there's never been a good reason to change it. If John Bell Hood was worth being memorialized 70 years ago why shouldn't he still be remembered today? Both the good things he did and the bad?


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Honestly, I've never understood the Waco, Lubbock, and Stillwater hate.

I get the university hate, but the towns? They're so cool!

Waco - You have this gorgeous view of the Brazos, Dr. Pepper museum, and Texas sports museum.

Lubbock - My kids are a huge fan of "Hank the Cow Dog." You have the Josh Abbott Band AND the Panhandlers coming out of their. That whole area is the last real vestige of Texas cultur.

Stillwater - Birthplace of red dirt country....PERIOD.
Do they have a Hank The Cowdog theme park in Lubbock? Can your kids meet Hank and take a picture with him?
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still trying to wrap my head around the reality that lubbock started because of the 1800's version of a flat tire?

granted, there were no tree around to make a a new wheel, but is that the most anti-climatic origin story i have heard in some time

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Counterpoint, a US military institution shouldn't be named after a traitor to the Union. Hope that helps. :)
He received a full pardon. Hope that helps.

Lol it was the US government that chose the name in 1942 when the place was called Camp Hood. I really don’t care what they call it but the traitor argument is silly. You think somehow it just came to the government’s attention that Hood was a Confederate general?
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