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Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by TCUdirtbag, Nov 10, 2014.

  1. Pretty soon being conservative and liking Trump will have the same result. Fired from your job, ostracized.
  2. One can only hope.
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  3. FU pal
  4. No politics please!
  5. One of the biggest ass clowns over at SicEm365, that dumbass Baylor3216, trying to down play Baylor [ #2020 ]ting the bed in 2014 against Michigan State by claiming that Ole Miss was not much of a team (9-3 rather than 8-4 and they beat #3 Alabama); oh and no QB? Starting QB Bo Wallace played the game. This loser hates TCU so much he will lie about facts or is too stupid to do minimum research... typical Bear loser...

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  6. You understand that Baylor people are sports stupid, right? It’s been proven time and time again.
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  7. curious, why go there?
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  8. Definitely keep us posted on anything else you think may be wrong on that board. Really helpful.
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  9. I go occasionally to check on their recruiting efforts since many times TCU and Baylor are pursuing the same players. Sometimes I run into stupidities like this and post on it. I am also curious, if you and MinFrog are so disinterested in things Baylor, why do you take the time to read and respond to posts in a thread that is clearly marked #BaylorTears?
  10. it is a thread on a tcu site and past history of this site has shown the ss minnow stayed on course better than most threads so who knows where a thread this long is headed at any given point

    additionally, find it interest in how you have decided that two of us are "so disinterested" when the truth for me is actually a bit of the opposite. i just am not interested enough to seek out a baylor site and can't comprehend caring enough to discuss how prior games for both teams compare between the programs
  11. It is just standard operating procedure to give a bit of grief. Just be glad you didn't make the loose/lose spelling error.
  12. God forbid... the loose / lose error is one of my pet peeves... I am just glad that Eight and I had the conversation; I understand he does have an interest in Baylor just not to the level of checking out their site - he may not understand why I go to the site or discuss/compare old games, but hey, just one of life’s mysteries... I am grateful he didn’t call me a “looser”....
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  13. I could care less about that.
  14. Threads like this one make me wish duels with loaded firearms were still legal.
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  15. Supposebly...
  16. Sorry, Doc, you loose. But irregardless, it's a good conversation.
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  17. Always encouraging to see forum members conversate in a civilized way.
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