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  1. Remember that time when Baylor wouldn’t shut up for years about the frogs blowing a 21 point lead and then blew a 25 point lead? That was awesome.
  2. Same ‘ol same ‘ol
  3. Baylor folds like a cheap suit!!!

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  5. I wanted OU to blow them out, but the choke job turned out to be way better.
  6. I'm in the game thread, and now I'm here!
  7. 100% agree
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  8. Drain that got dam river, burn down that got dam stadium, doze that got dam silo, roll up them got dam sidewalks and stick a match to that got dam stink hole of a town. I hate Waco, that hypocritical school, those condescending dork fans and that [ Cumbie’s red zone playcalling ]ty campus!
    BEAT okie!
    Spit Blood ~~<~<and scheiss baylor!!
  9. This is real lmao

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    There's a lady in my SS class who's a BIG Baylor fan. She can't stand Gary Patterson...or TCU.

    Tomorrow, I feel I should console her:

    "Hey, we played Tech, and got out to a really BIG lead. Tech came back...but then we got a late field goal to go ahead. Tech got the ball back for a final drive, but we forced a turnover and won the game! How did Baylor's game end up?"
  11. Best part of tonight: Baylor made history!

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  12. I bet she calls Gary

  13. Twitter on fire rolling on BU. Glorious.
  14. Of course. And screams 61-58 a lot.
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  15. I should find one of those 61-58 towels on eBay and give it to her for Christmas!

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