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Discussion in 'Bear Banter Forum' started by Baylor Dan's brother John, Dec 8, 2018.

  1. Hello frogs: Just to let you know I am Baylor Dan's brother John. Dan as you probably already know is a die hard Baylor grad and is overly enthusiastic about our BEARS. He is always looking for the best in all situations involving the Baylor program. I have told him time and time again to not post on your board as he cannot conceal his hate for the frogs. I happen to agree with all that he says. Your program sucks as we in Waco all know but we should not rub salt in your wounds. On my behalf I would like to apologize for beating up on a program that is so far down the tube with no chance in the next college re-alignment. Ta Ta

    Baylor John
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  2. Are we really doing this?
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  3. Hahahahahaha genius.
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  4. On Fox 4 this morning, they rated the top hamburgers in DFW. Fort Worth had the most with Kincaid’s, Fred’s, and Billy’s Oak Acres making the list.

    I think Fort Worth may be the best city for hamburgers in the country.


  5. For the love of god make it stop. Mind numbingly stupid schtick.
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  6. How does Steel have time to post this nonsense and still make billable hours?
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  7. Could Baylor John really be Earl?
  8. Baylor John, I have three questions for you:

    1) When you are in McLane stadium, do you ever have an uncontrollable urge to go to the bathroom?
    2) Did Art Briles ever rape you, and if so, did you report it?
    3) 62-22 (not really a question, just wanted you to remember that one).

  9. I am enraged. How dare you, sir.
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  10. He’s billing some poor Schmuck right now.
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  11. Don’t
  13. RGIII was not impressed.
  14. This is fun! Somewhere out on the plains RaiderRetard is reading this thread, listening to U-Roy and mumbling to himself about how silly dumb and thin skinned we are.

  15. J, No reason to even try and reason with these folks. I’ve taking their junk for years. I’ve been threatened on private email. They are morally compromised and their team had crimes. You know football better than most. We lost the game because we treated it like a scrimmage. Rhule has some growing up to do. But after 1 year we are now past TCU as evident by the bowl committee decision. We also have more fans which is why we are poised to make the transition to the SEC. Where there’s smoke...
  16. At least 3 people in this thread are the same person.
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  17. What no Charley's!!!! That's an outrage!
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  18. guys, it is not steel.

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