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Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by TCUdirtbag, Nov 10, 2014.

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  3. New favorite gif...
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  4. Colts turned Rhule down....
  5. Baylor's situation must be worst than was known for Rhule to be interviewing for another gig after year 1. Dumpster Fire.
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  6. First Oregon, now the Colts. Rhule sure is a loyal guy.
  7. From deep in that thread:

    You shouldn't have believed him. He's just a football coach selling to an audience. One of my favorite things about Briles was that he seemed genuine. Rhule panders.

    Holy Mother of Pearl - do you believe that line?

    Go Frogs!
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  8. FYI:

    Baylor Won’t Say Which Coaches Are To Blame For Its Sexual Assault Scandal. How Are Other Schools Vetting Them?


    Universities have been quick to offer assurances that their hires were carefully vetted, including through conversations with Baylor officials. But their attempts to set minds at ease have been hampered by one major issue: While Baylor has blamed "athletics and football personnel" for much of the scandal, it has never revealed publicly who specifically did what wrong. That stance has frustrated lawmakers, activists and other people at the coaches' old and new schools, and has prompted calls for more transparency from the private Waco university.
    SHANNON NAJMABADI, Texas Tribune 01/12/2018 [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

    Read Article: Texas Tribune
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  9. Hmmm. Looks like the Briles family found a vanity press:

    The Scapegoat tells the story of a highly talented college football coach silenced by legal constraints. Unable to defend himself, he watches as a corporation and a conference and the media define a storyline and blame him for the “off-field” behavior of his players. He is banished from the thing he enjoys the most in life – coaching football. Will anyone take time to find out what really happened? Will anyone come along to speak on behalf of the coach? Is the scapegoat destined to remain in the wilderness forever?

    Editorial Reviews
    About the Author
    Being a defendant in a major lawsuit, accused of things that were untrue, Lane Alpert knows the challenges of being vindicated. When Baylor University separated ways with their head coach, Art Briles, the strategy seemed wrong. Lane spent 15 months, over 375 hours, researching all the events that surrounded the "scandal". The research included studying public articles, broadcasts, lawsuits and responses, judges' opinions, state senate proposals, police reports, university announcements, conference minutes, conference bi-laws, twitter feeds, message board posts, college football books and youtube uploads. The author discovered that the media had no interest in uncovering and reporting the facts from all sides. There was a storyline that had to be followed. But why? The author hopes The Scapegoat will inspire its readers to question situations that seem wrong and search diligently for truth
  10. Good lord. Not even a little bias in that book sure. Fair and balanced as the saying goes.
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  11. So thanks to the Shag, we know that the author was sued by the FDIC for unscrupulous banking: https://www.bizjournals.com/stlouis/blog/2013/04/here-are-the-champion-bank-execs-named.html

    And, despite his claims in the book bio of being “falsely accused,” paid a settlement in the FDIC case: https://www.fdic.gov/about/freedom/plsa/mo_hampionbankalpertetal.pdf

    Read the reviews. My favorite:

    By Baylor Coed on January 12, 2018

    “A Baylor football player forced me to read this book against my will.“
  12. Just when you thought the people at Baylor were finally going to live in the real world.
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  13. Thought never crossed my mind.
  14. Part that made me laugh is that he used message boards. Baylor message board members seem like a good group to get quotes from to prove facts. #truthdontlie
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  15. That and their entirely unbiased Twitter feeds. Wonder how many times out buddy @baylor_fight appears in this book?
  16. And no mention of...

    Prison records
    Court records
    Lawsuit records
    Settlement records
  17. Those reviews are hilarious. I’ll be making a fake account and reviewing this book later today.
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  18. Also, I may or may not have found all the 1 star reviews “helpful” and the 5 star reviews “unhelpful.”
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  19. So is there potential for libel here? I mean the fruitcake is claiming ESPN and UT purposely and deliberately conspired to get briles fired.
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    ESPN and UT probably don't care what the 11 people who read that book think about them.

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