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  1. Dare I ask what “proof” they have of this? They keep demanding proof for Briles being guilty.
  2. The dorks only use arguments that work in their favor. They want absolute proof that Briles is guilty but are willing to demean the victims without any proof. They say Briles can't be held responsible for the actions of his kids while spouting off about Patterson's drug ring. Hypocrite is one of their better qualities.
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  3. Yeah, but Tanner Brock "never played a down" after he was arrested, so it doesn't count.
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  4. Pigskin diabetes mellitus I presume.
  5. In Piedras Negras?
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  6. Renaming my fantasy team right this very moment.
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  7. Actually I think it's their oath.
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  8. One of their staff is called Brian Ethridge.

    I say we take off and nuke the whole site from orbit... it's the only way to be sure.
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  9. any chance you could do some computer magic and redirect all their log-ons to a midget porn site?
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  10. Gay midget porn.
  11. Not BaylorTears, but didn't know where else to put these AggieTears.

    It looks like based on ESPN's FPI projections at this point tamu will end the season at 4-8. That would be beautiful.

    That is all. Back to your regularly scheduled program of BaylorTears.
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  12. Corporal Hicks?!
    He can't authorize that, he's just a Grunt!
    No offense.
  13. Now Art Briles is comparable to Amazon founder Jeff Bezos:

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  14. Difference between those two, one is actually employable.
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  15. Brian Ethridge has been a Baylor homer writer for a while now. Not to be confused with Brian Estridge.
  16. Who in their right mind would think that BU TTU would be a sellout! Hahaha

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