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BasketBall Roster Guesses

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Francis Xav, May 29, 2019.

  1. This is no insider knowledge, but if I had to guess, Lat is gone and either Barlow or one of the transfers, specifically IMO, Edric Dennis.

    Maybe Nembhard, but he started coming along late. Guard is crowded for sure .

    It is always good to have big numbers and I hate to see kids get pushed out but it is total necessity.

    What do you guys think?

    I am concerned about Center.
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  2. i think peacefrog hit the nail on the head when he said he would just wait for the announcement of the roster at the first game.

    really confused with some of the late additions, curious about the signing of todd as he was first said to be a 2019 recruit, then the news is he was a 2020 recruit, and today tcu announces him as a 2019 quote.


    then again they announced the transfer from xavier as a signing for 2019 and then he announces he is re-opening his search for the right program to transfer to from xavier

    i would not be surprised if lat was gone based upon his cousins leaving the program and he just looked overwhelmed in almost every game except the first west virginia game.

    frogs are going to be one of the shortest teams in the league if lat leaves and aside from chris, barlow, and bane you really don't have much bulk to bang inside which is a big concern to me.
  3. By happenstance I know a guy who is pretty involved with Xavier basketball and FWIW when I asked him about the transfer a few weeks ago he said the kid is talented but uncoachable
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  4. appreciate the info and i only mentioned him not to bemoan losing him, but that frogs announced they had signed him on their website and then a month later he is announcing on twitter he is still looking for a program to transfer to from xavier.

    huge disconnect which seems consistent with this off-season for the basketball team.
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  5. It wouldn’t bother me if Lat left if he’s not healthy but if he is I wouldn’t like it near as much. I would tell Dennis now to give him time to find someplace else ala Kennedy.

    With all these guards we should play at a quicker pace but will need to be efficient as rebounding probably won’t be as good. Our three point shooting should be better with all the guys we’ll have that can shoot it.
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  6. I heard that admissions jerked him around on credits and lost the battle. He’s getting calls from several SEC schools now....
  7. Kareem Abdul Jabbar - C
    Michael Jordan - G
    Magic Johnson - G
    Roy Tarpley - F

    That’s all we would need.
  8. we playing 3 on 5?

    not sure roy tarpley passes the ncaa piss test
  9. Hakeem Olajuwon
    Julius Erving
    George Gervin
    Pete Maravich
    Kurt Rambis
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  10. One of these is not like the others. He’s a Muslim.
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  11. Kurt Rambis?
  12. With the end of the school already happening it would be nice if Coach Dixon updated his current roster on GoFrogs.com... That being said, I crossed paths earlier this week in Houston with the grandmother of the Ohio State transfer, Jaedon LeDee. She super nice a sporting some TCU swag and that's what prompted us to talk. She said that her son played summer AAU hoops in H-Town with our point guard Kendrick Davis, and that he's been all over LeDee to join him at TCU so they could also play college ball together. So I would expect Kendrick back. The main problem I see with these recruits is their size. We need one more, if not two, big, think body dudes to pound the paint and block shots. We completely sucked guarding the rim last year and gave up so many open dunks. It was frustrating to watch.
  13. Pairing Ice with the Doc and throwing in Pistol is pure greatness.
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  14. Probably my three favorites of all time.
  15. My first NBA game to ever attend was Dr J vs Ice in Hemisphere, I think in 76/77. We sat close to the Baseline Bums. I had never seen some of the Spurs players, just pics and basketball cards of Ice, Silas and Kenon. I followed them on WOAI, which I could listen to in Longview at night.
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