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Basketball Program is back to Trent Johnson era levels

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by LVH, Feb 10, 2020.

  1. No, you're not.
  2. Figured that was the case.
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  3. The only excuse is that there were reasons
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  5. this the kid from lancaster when he was in 5th grade?
  6. Mike Miles

    Terran Frank

  7. yes
  8. I’d do the same if you went away.
  9. It’s called jealousy. You want to make a few million a year? Give up your job posting on social media and try coaching.
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  10. Does Jamie do what several football coaches do after a poor season: fire some assistant coaches to ease the pressure a little

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  11. Spoiler alert...no dunks.
  12. There's certainly some of that with some people
  13. Pull the scholarship
  14. If Miles can shoot consistently from outside then I'll quickly go back on my original thought of being shocked to see him start next year.
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  15. after two years in which the most spectacular play by a couple of highly regarded recruits were their "athletic missed dunks" i am fine if mike can jump over a box of matches if he can shoot the ball and attacks the rim on the drive
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  16. As long as he can indeed jump over the matches then I'll agree.
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  17. I watched about one game a season during Trent Johnson’s tenure. I watch at least one game a week now. I have no historical basis for comparison.
  18. We had almost as many turnovers and fouls last night -- 39 -- as we did points.
    On the other hand, we scored more points in the first half of this game -- 20 -- than we did against Kansas -- 18.
  19. Not trying to start rival [ Cumbie’s red zone playcalling ], but more to Wexahu's point, recruiting is important but coaching is more important. The last 4 years' recruiting classes below:


    I'd argue they're pretty similar albeit perhaps skewed towards TCU. TCU has better facilities, Baylor has better basketball history (not including murders). TCU has a better brand and location. Not real sure what the problem is besides coaching.
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  20. Didya have to “Chief” me? Cmon!

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