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Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by Francis Xav, Aug 13, 2019.

  1. Again, after reading through this thread, if Ledee or Easley ends up getting a waiver, we will finish significantly better than last year. I don't say these things too lightly, but With Bane, RJ , Fuller and Taryn Todd and Potentially Pearson and Fran, along with the grad transfer guards, we may have one of the longest and most athletic backcourts out there. IF, and big IF, we can D up like Tech or even close, we will have a lot of transition opportunities. I am excited. we would be second athletically to nobody in the Big 12.
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  2. The athleticism and depth of the roster has definitely been upgraded. No question about it.

    Your post got me thinking about something that I will talk about more as we get closer to the season opener.

    I have pretty strong feelings about 'marrying' your recruiting philosophy with your style of play. I'm sure others do as well. Should be fun to discuss.
  3. The first thing I think of with this roster is a Syracuse Type zone. Nobody knows how to beat it more than Dixon so maybe that means he knows how to hone it as well.
  4. That's interesting. I wasn't thinking about Syracuse's zone in my post, but they are a very good example of recruiting to your style of play. They play that zone almost exclusively and they recruit length to make it effective.
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  5. Skip, I’ve seen a couple of CB’s for Micah Peavy to the Frogs. He is a Top 100 kid but was wondering what your opinion is of him and if you’ve seen him play. Think the kid that Tech got last week really helps our cause.
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  6. Rose Bowl-

    I have seen him play. He's a good player. He really had a good summer. Most people thought he was a Texas Tech lock (due to family connections). TCU is definitely in it but I wouldn't be surprised if he waited until the spring to sign.

    Eddie Lampkin is the most likely early signee for the Frogs. The coaching staff will have a better feel for the roster (available scholarships) in the spring.
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  7. Really enjoying all the great hoops info I’m getting from this thread. Can’t wait for football and basketball this year. Should be a whole lot of fun.
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  8. Barlow showed ZERO last year. He stayed as far away from the action as possible and still be on the half court.

  9. We should have three open slots and Peavy and Lampkin would be super gets. Then a grad transfer seems like it would be valuable from an experience standpoint. Lampkin in next week is huge and I hope he doesn’t leave without committing.
  10. I'd be surprised if Lampkin ends up anywhere but TCU.

    Another name to watch for is Keith Dinwiddie from Los Angeles. The 'experts' may not have him ranked very high right now but this kid can play.

    Go watch his video and decide for yourself. IMO he projects extremely well. He scores at all three levels and does it against high level competition.

    TCU's staff was on him early and that could pay off.

  11. Dinwiddie is a good player. I’m probably different than most but I like length from my two. I’m wondering if the staff thinks he has a chance to play the lead guard.
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  12. That's exactly (lead guard) what they see him as. The kid can really score.
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  13. Dinwiddie looks really good. Quick and bonafide walking bucket. Can jump too for his size. Saw a nasty poster
  14. Micah Peavy is coming in for an official visit next weekend (Sept 13-15).
  15. I like that a whole lot.
  16. We are deeper than we have been since JD has been here. Our length could develop us into a strong defensive team and maybe we can finish mid tier of the conference.
  17. I'll be attending a practice this weekend through the Fast Break Club. Look forward to seeing how the team looks with all the new faces.
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  18. no, first year's team was much deeper in the front court with:

    vlad, kenrich williams,chris washburn, jd miller, karviar shepherd,

    and the back court was:

    mike williams, alex robinson, jaylen fisher, brandon parrish, desmond bane, and kouat noi

    that might not be a more athletic team, but in terms of guys who could play and gave you potential scoring across the roster 2016-17 was deeper.
  19. Snoop-

    I think the biggest difference you'll notice in this year's team (compared to previous ones) is quickness. This year's team has more 'quick twitch' types than the last 2-3 years.

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