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Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by Francis Xav, Aug 13, 2019.

  1. He may get a few minutes there but get used to Farabello. He's the real deal. Fuller was the highest rated player coming in. Is he the best or most ready? I'll let you decide.

    Don't get me wrong. P.J. is really good. This incoming class is just very good as a whole.
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  2. You seem to have inside info but people who know better than me say Fuller is the real deal. A scout told me that Fisher is the only guy we’ve brought in that compares to Fuller. Is that true only time will tell. Farabello is good but after watching all but one game of his games in the U19’s he didn’t look ready to take over a D-1 PG position. He should play a lot but I would be surprised if he starts.
  3. I'm not disagreeing with you about Fuller. He's got a chance to be really good, but I will tell you this-

    The coaching staff thought Diante Smith was the most underrated player in the country.

    From a personal perspective, I saw him him play in a H.S, tournament (this past winter) that included teams like IMG Academy, Wasatch Prep, and several other top ranked schools. There were numerous Top 20-50 type players and Diante was as good as any of them.

    As for Farabello. I hate to tell you but you are going to be surprised.
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  4. Winless. Whole team transfers.
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  5. I have no idea what to expect. But I’ll be there.
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  6. Should be a fun squad to watch. I could see anywhere from 3rd-9th place - not dead last tho....
  7. Dixon to UT
  8. Interesting about Farabello. I imagine he’s good just did not imagine better than Fuller. I have heard he would be running point. Also, Nembhard got much better. So much athleticism.
  9. Good to hear either way. Hopefully this class sticks. Fuller def seems most upside though. I mean , at least from highlights.
  10. i thought they already did?
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  11. Skip, you really do seem to have knowledge that is not being talked about anywhere. Are you a manager or a coach? Farabello is going to be good but he might take some time to integrate into the college game sort of like Moretti from Tech did. As for Smith, I believe he’s going to play a big part this season and going forward and I have no doubt will have decent stats this season.

    As I said before this is talking with people who have way more insight than I do. They could be wrong but I trust them when they tell me things. I’ve heard nothing but positive things about Fuller this summer and by the end of the season think he’s going to be very integral to any success the team has.
  12. Rose Bowl-

    I am not a coach or manager. I have been involved in college basketball for 20+ years as a recruiting analyst and scout (HS and Juco). I've been very fortunate to be able to develop a lot of relationships throughout the years.

    As for Fuller - If I've given off the impression that I am not high on him, then that's is my fault. I agree with you that he is going to play a big role in this year's team. I really like him as a player. My point was, he plays a position where there is less 'need'. This year's roster has a good group of wings. Bane, RJ, Grayer, and Dennis are going eat up a lot of minutes and Smith will play some there as well (as that is really his natural position).
  13. Yeah I see what you’re saying. That’s actually why I heard Fuller May be running point. In fact, it was a social media post interview they did with him. Called himself a point guard.
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  14. From everything I’ve heard Fuller is going to be the main point for this team. Glad that they’re people out there that believe FF is going to be very good. Good to know from this thread that Smith is going to be a stud. The biggest question I have is what type of offense are we going to run?
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  15. I understand why people are down for sure. But, we were very competitive last year, and I maintain we have upgraded our potential. Maybe not immediately. But depth is similar. Samuel and Barlow and Smith gotta step up. If they do, we have a shot at being v good. I wonder, with all the exterior length we have, if we run zone.
  16. R
    Remember Nova’s run two years ago w their undersized yet brutally efficient offense? Hopefully that haha. We have more athletes capable of that.
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  17. jd at times last year was frustrating in some of the decisions he made on the offensive end to take 3's ,etc.....but he did provide some physical toughness and interior defense.

    that is my biggest concern in replacing him this year. will samuel and barlow split time at the 5 and if so can smith and pearson handle the physical part of the 4 on the defensive end of the floor.

    curious if we see someone like grayer who is a very physical wing help out in that area as well as bane .
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  18. I'm more concerned with the defensive end. I feel pretty confident these athletes are going to score. Fuller and Smith in particular seem to have a gift as scorers. Obviously Bane will be a focal point. I think we saw enough from Samuel last year to see what he can provide around the basket with a guy who can get him the ball in the right spots. I haven't watched him play, but FF's stats in the international competition makes me think he's less polished and more inconsistent as a scorer, but sounds like an excellent facilitator. Offense doesn't really worry me.

    The defensive end is where I have match-up concerns due to size. The good news in there aren't a ton of teams in conference who have enormous size and depth at the 4 and 5, but Samuel has a proclivity for foul trouble and Barlow may still be a bit of a work in progress. If Barlow isn't ready to play 30 minutes some nights we could have a very difficult time defending and rebounding in the paint.
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  19. There is no way we finish last in the conference with Desmond Bane leading this team. I think they will be very competitive. I think anywhere from 3-6 in the conference. This team is young but very talented and hungry!

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