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Baseball Ticket Question for TCU/UT Series

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by NYC Horned Frog, May 2, 2021.

  1. I’m coming in for this one and am wondering if anyone knows how ticketing is currently working. I haven’t been keeping up with it and decided to push off our season tickets until next year. I have tickets for Saturday but does anyone know when they’ll start selling GA tickets for the Friday game? Is it day of? I’ll call ticket office tomorrow but wanted to see if anyone here knew.

    I’m bringing my UT buddy who is a TCU lucky charm. Every game he comes with me to, we stomp them. That 50-7 football game was one of the saddest sports days of his life! Ha!
  2. GoFrogs says tickets go on sale at 9am tomorrow, but then just below that it says that tickets are sold out for all 3 games. Definitely call the ticket office. Let us know what you find out. Stubhub prices are stupid right now.
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  3. I called on Friday and was told they were sold out. Don’t know if the person I spoke with knew that for sure or if they plan on making more available or not. This is where ATO could come in handy.
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  4. Tickets will be for sale at the gate...GA tickets....they never stop selling them...they just can’t announce it publicly....
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  5. that’s what I like to hear. I’ll report back what I hear in the morning.
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    Cmon tcu

    stop worrying about what Maddow will say about it and just open the gates 100%.

    Anyone coming probably has the vaccine by now and anyone who doesn’t but comes anyway will know what their risk is.
  7. FIFY
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  8. I guess we’re at 100% now. Thanks Gray!
  9. Call the ticket office. If verified you are a baseball, football season ticket holder or current Frog Club donor, we will have GA tix for you to purchase this week.

    Thanks for your support and continued patience this season!

    Keep it Purple and Go Frogs!
  10. What about tailgating? If verified as a season parking spot holder can we tailgate? I have a bunch of parking passes left.
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  11. Pretty sure that’s a “forgiveness” rather than “permission” thing. Lots of definitions of what constitutes a “tailgate”.
  12. That's my plan. The Expedition doesn't have a tailgate so we'll just party on the grass.
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  13. I really think tailgating should be allowed. You're only going to have people you know at them anyway. Can't be anymore crowded than the outfield seating.
  14. As atofrog had replied in this thread, I called and was able to purchase GA tickets after they verified my season ticket status. Up to 4. Instead of putting me on hold, the line kept sending me back to main menu prompt and I needed to keep pressing “2” after it told me all agents busy with other customers. I got to someone after only about a minute or so.
  15. I highly recommend everyone to call the ticket office and just ask to buy tickets or show up at the gate. And for tailgating, just do whatever you want.
  16. Got 4. How many people are they planning to pack in RF?
  17. [​IMG]

  18. Tickets are available but they make you prove your a frog fan.
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  19. Your what? You're mom, you're wife, you're neighbor, you're alternate personality? Maybe all should be Frog fans?

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