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Baseball @ Tech - Game 2

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by TooColdU, May 17, 2019.

  1. Josh gets on due to an error by SS and Rizer gets a lot of the ball to right but we end up with nothing after top of 1
  2. Did I miss Guenther getting hurt or something?
  3. And Tech hits the first pitch over the left field fence

    1-0 Rash
  4. Last night he collided with a runner and hurt his wrist
  5. Top of 2nd
    Keefer grounded out
    Shepherd singled, Stole 2nd
    Oviedo singled, Shepherd thrown out at home.
    Goodloe grounded out.
  6. We didn’t need that run anyway....
  7. Sunday night according to the news report....when the throw pulled him glove side into the runner (ala Baker)
  8. Josh Watson ties the game with a solo HR in the 3rd

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  9. Charles King has given two solo HRs in the 4th after giving up two runs in the 3rd.

    King has given up 8 hits, 3 HRs already.

    Tech leads 5-1 go No to the 5th
  10. scheiss Tech.
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  11. I simply wish to say that I have every hope that the person, or persons, responsible for HFTV or whatever non-functional, infuriating, commercial laden piece of garbage with which we are forced to contend be devoured by a legion of hungry ferrets.

  12. I don’t like these commentators or the Deliverance style grunting sounds and comments from the home crowd. Can’t watch with sound. Hopping back to the Rays/NYY game.
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  13. Frogs down 5-2 Bot 7

    Top of the order (1-4) is 1-11
  14. You not blessing the threads is why we suck this year imo
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  15. I turned it back on and we bunted. Successfully.
  16. That camera crew needs to exercise.
  17. No we lost 7-2

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