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Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by FrogPreacher, Oct 12, 2018.

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    At the KF.c luncheon Schloss sounded very upbeat about the offense and defense. I got the feeling if we can catch a couple breaks on the mound from a health standpoint (JJ and Williamson, in particular) this could be a very good team. Without those breaks we could still win a lot of games with the bats unlike past years where we relied heavily on arms to get Ws.

    Schloss sounded very high on Williamson's upside, but it doesn't sound like it is a sure thing for this season. I got the impression there is a decent chance he's ready to go this year, but it's not worth betting on. Kid has all the tools, but has always had a very unorthodox delivery, IIRC, that has strained his arm. He's a had a procedure to help that may improve his already good velocity. The potential is there, but who knows how quickly it will all click with changing mechanics and various other factors to consider.

    ETA: The back end of the bullpen is another wildcard. There are talented kids competing for those spots, but how will they perform in games? Cal is really the only one with a lot of experience that you're confident in at this point. Augie and Eissler may grow into those roles, but we don't really know who will be that final 3-4 inning hammer to compliment the closer we've gotten used to from Trieglaff, Teakell, and maybe Guillory at times.

    Moose, is Augie an option as a starter?
  2. I 110% expect better than last year.
  3. I don’t think Williamson hurt his arm (at least that’s what I was told). As for Augie, I would say probably not but it’s possible I guess. Eissler is a much better option to start.
  4. I saw most of the game last Sunday night...there is no doubt that the team is better offensively..players on the field were much more athletic, faster, stronger than last year...the pitchers that threw were very impressive...guy that looked MUCH different and better was King....some serious competition for sure at every position...but...my guess to ghe key to the season would be the health of JJ and Williamson
  5. The issue with JJ shouldn’t be his health. He SHOULD be healthy barring any setbacks. The issue is if he fully recovers. Thoracic outlet patients often are not the same guy post surgery. It’s not one of those “come back stronger” type deals like people think they can get with Tommy John.
  6. I expect better - that is the reason for all of the JUCO guys.

    If Schloss didn't think that group in total could make us better this year than why bring them in at all?

    That was my point - you don't "rebuild" with JUCO players - they traditionally serve to get you instant skill upgrades to fill holes and bide time while the younger guys gain the experience - hoping to get those players that have 3-4 years experience in the program one day.

    However, we don't have that many younger guys and a lot of JUCO - thus the JUCO's are either here to try and make a big run this year or literally we just brought them in to just be able to field a team. Either way, with so few key underclassman we are 2-3 years away from having anything resembling a program that is rebuilding to what we had before and will have to continue to use hired JUCO guns to get it done on the field until we get more of the recruits to show up and actually deliver.
  7. This.
  8. We’re bringing in JUCO guys because we can get them in far cheaper than we can get in the HS kids. It’s more of a “have to” thing than a “want to”. They’d like SOME, but not really this many.
  9. Harder to create the culture you want with a heavy reliance on juco transfers. I've had a vested interest in watching this phenomenon at several programs and it can be a real Catch 22. But if your high schoolers get gobbled up in the draft what are you supposed to do? Sometimes you connect really well like with a Bryan Holaday. Sometimes you don't.
  10. Matt Curry/Nolan Brown..... at worst you usually end up with usable depth. Your better players should usually be HS kids though IMO.
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  11. FYI...... for anyone with the Longhorn Network. McLennan and UT are playing right now and TCU commit LHP Grant Miller is dominating UT through 3 perfect innings.
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  12. Go back and research the five Omaha teams.....junior college players have been a HUGE part of those teams....there are just more on this team to make up for the draft losses the last two years...I’ve heard CJS say the he wants to only have 2-3 in each class but that changes when you lose the high school kids
  13. there is a big difference between have a JUCO kid like Dane Steinhagen come in a play a KEY ROLE to fill a hole or improve skill in a place you missed on getting a HS recruit and this year, where we are literally bringing in the equivalent of almost an entire starting lineup because of loses to the draft AND misses in recruiting.

    That was the biggest concern to me even during last year - that we had no base to build upon going forward because we lost so many players to MLB from the draft both on the team and recruits combined.
  14. Happens to every good team in America. You learn to deal with it or you don’t stay good.
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    We aren’t going JUCO heavy just to make up for draft losses. I keep posting the reason (been doing it since last fall) and nobody seems to pay attention to what I’m saying. The staff HAS to recruit a certain amount of JUCO guys because we can get them more scholarship money than the HS kids. We simply can’t find enough talented HS kids that can afford TCU to fill up our classes with. Until we can supplement our scholarships the way Vandy can (may never happen) this is the reality more often than not.
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  16. I'm sure you're right on Williamson. Can't remember exactly what the issue was that Schloss alluded to with him.

    I remember him saying he had some some great velocity in high school and after this process they thought he'd possibly come back with even more velocity. Maybe it was a hip or something lower body that was affected by his unusual mechanics or vice versa. It's been a month and a half and I've had many distilled spirits since then.
  17. Hip may be right

  18. Yep....I’m not sure the novice college baseball fan understands that our situation is truly unique....and the massive hurdles private schools like TCU face in recruiting...we aren’t nor ever will be Rice, Vandy, Stanford....therefore, jucos are a cheaper source of players
  19. And Rice just got a windfall
  20. Why is there more scholarship money available for jucos? TCU has a specific allocation for academic scholarship $$$ for juco that is easier to get than a separate pool for high school?

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