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Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by Moose Stuff, Jan 5, 2019.

  1. So awesome. Love how we are annual participants in these level of tournaments. We don't fear anyone and is a good measuring stick of where we stack up early on. Cannot wait, this is a loaded field
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  2. Indeed very cool. Did not know that Ranger College was building a new ballpark. Losers bracket in Cisco?
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  3. That's a sick lineup right there. Me likey.
  4. What is “Hale state”?
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  5. Unknown...Hail means cheer (for?), or salute. Mississippi State fans.

    Or, ice pellets or chunks.

    Or, something completely different.
  6. Yep, MSU.
  7. That’s where CJS went to coach.
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  8. We will be there.
  9. That will be a really good tournament. Could see this being a near annual thing (SEC Big 12 challenge type deal) with the new stadium.

    This year we have the Arizona tourney with games vs Fullerton, Virginia and Vandy plus the Houston tourney with games vs Houston, A&M and Rice. I think we may be back west in 2020 for USC UCLA and Vandy again (but not sure), then this one in Arlington in 2021. Plus we could be back in Houston in 2020 and or 2021 I suppose. These tournaments are a lot of fun and help build RPI. Bring em on.
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  10. But wait - no Aggy? Oh man, one of my favorite things is playing Aggy...
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  11. Love it
  12. As a former catcher I LOVE this view. I could watch this on loop (and did)

    Was at the ABCA convention this week and Dan Straily was doing some early season bullpen work in the Rapsodo cage. Sitting 88/89 and working spins and axis. Sat down at the catchers end just watching. That sound is just awesome. sssst-POP
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  13. Looks like he still needs work on control or he's going to kneecap every LH batter he faces.
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  14. I was thinking the same thing but notice how he puts it in the same place every single time no matter how many pitches he throws. Remarkable control IMO. :)
  15. is that a good thing?

    always liked that little twinge of uncertainty each time riley went into his delivery
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    Oh no.

    Explain it to him pharm. Please.

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