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  1. Healthy or not? What’s the word?

    Duggan appears to struggle with making reads and going through progressions. Still lacking touch on throws.
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  2. I have a feeling that he “might” be our qb next year.
  3. This game is not on our qb, it could be the fact that we him gave up a possession on some scrub that would have come in useful.
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  4. Naaaa, we'll get to 5 losses and then we'll see Collins. Better late than ever with this bunch.
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  5. Screenshot_20191019-185856_ESPN.jpg
    Yeah...gonna disagree brah. These are brutal stats.
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  6. Let’s play Collins ...

    No downside here
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  7. When will you guys get this, not one qb we have on the roster is any good. Just accept it instead of asking for the next
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  8. That we were playing K State and only attempted 29 passes with the type of players we have is pretty concerning. That we only passed for 132 yards and 0 tds is disturbing.
  9. We attempted more passes that our QB couldn't see, including one wide open touchdown. I was being generous.
  10. I thought for sure the ball would go to Pro there. I questioned whether my tv was messed up.
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  11. Brutal stats or not, you can’t possibly be giving the defense a pass?
  12. Throw 3-4 drops in there and it's not brutal at all. You people are just scheissing [ Arschloch]s.
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  13. Right. It wasn't the 50 plays when Duggan was in there, it was the three with Delton that were the problem.
  14. In the college game, you'll win an awful llot of games holding a team to 24 . Especially when 7 are on a blocked punt. Yeah, I give the defense a pass for like 80% of this one.
  15. max regressed today throwing the ball and hunt regressed catching the ball.

    the biggest problem was max had 3-4 deep balls where a receiver had a step and he didn't get the ball close enough to even give the receiver a chance to make a play.

    compound that with some truly bizarre play calls such as the screen pass on first down.
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  16. Hmmm, we’re gonna have to agree to disagree. It’s 50/50 for me.
  17. all fine and good, but the 17 points scored by kstate without the punt block is more than they scored in their other b12 games this year.

    other than playing the tcu offense this was the worst offense in the big 12 and instead of coming up with a stop they let them go 90+ yards for the winning score

    the defensive allignment alone on the 60+ yard run was not only terrible, but what tcu did against smu when smu ran that same formation. you think they had a clue what gary was going to do?
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  18. Well if they don't throw a bone to the fans, the alternative for the fans is to just stop watching until next season. And that assumes the fans will return for next season.
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  19. This may not be GP's best defense ever, but the reason we don't win games is because our passing game is brutal. Passing game stats such YPA and total QBR are among the most predictive stats for wins. We are awful in these areas!
  20. As we are also consistently awful in allowing the middle of the field to be uncovered. As we are consistently awful in flat out straight up defense and letting points be scored on us.

    To ignore this is just burying heads in the sand.

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