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Back in The Fort for the day

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by wes, May 16, 2018.

  1. Damn it feels great to get away from the house and docs even if it is for one day

    Can't wait to get back
  2. Yo, where you at?
  3. Yogi's but headed to all Saints Episcopal school to present an award.

    Then it’s back to Georgetown for my daily dose of radiation and confinement in the house
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  4. Take care, and know we're concerned about you.
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  5. Thanks my friend
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  6. All the best - as always, Wes!

    Go Frogs!
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  7. So, is there an I-35 field report/update?
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  8. KF.c scholarship to some lucky kid? Hopefully they aren't going to Baylor!
  9. I hope it was to honor the winner of a very special writing award.
  10. Construction...lot's of it (Bruceville-Eddy, Troy, and Temple are the main bad spots at the moment). Big trucks...lot's of them. Speed traps...lot's of them (especially in Itasca). There is an eyesore on the left right as you approach the Brazos River crossing. Left lane drivers...lot's of them. Stop at Fuego in Waco and get the "Dr Pepper Cowboy" (and lots of napkins) and then get out of Waco quickly.
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  11. Yeah...stay off 35 especially near Temple
  12. Nope...Rice
  13. Wes sighting at Bucee's in Temple per ambulance chaser attorney.:):):):rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:
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  14. Darn right
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  15. Best restrooms on I-35!
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    Excellent award presentation today, Wes. The Cameron Phelan Creative Writing Award is always a highlight for me.

    Oh yeah - awesome scar.
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  17. Thanks!!

    I tell people that i lost a knife fight but at least I walked away.
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  18. And they had to deploy an anesthesiologist to leave a mark on you.
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  19. After Wes and I exchanged Frog signs, I got lucky and noticed a backup on I 35 starting at Buckees south bound so I stayed on the service road. Wreck about 2 miles up blocking the right lane.

    Add drive from DFW to San Antonio in 4 hours to the Bucket list thread for Wes.

    He'll have to live to 108 yo to possibly have that commute!
  20. Yes sir!

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