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At TCU, Fat Shaming is a Sport!

Discussion in 'The Pit' started by steelfrog, Jan 22, 2020.

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  2. I've read the entire complaint, (albeit quickly) and I could easily see all of this happening. While seeing Drs. Garnett's and Turner's names dragged through the mud isn't fun, I don't actually see where they did anything wrong. Sure hope this isn't a case of a disgraced student looking to settle scores or pressure the university before the accused profs' due process in the Title IX investigation is finished. Would like it even less if everything is true as alleged.
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  4. All I read was, "Blah, blah, blah, free handout, and I'm a whiny Millennial." There is more BS in that whole document than there is brains in Jane Doe's Skull. She was caught plagiarizing, that's easily proven. What college did she come from, it sounds like should couldn't hack it at TCU and is looking for the race card to get out of trouble. Plus if she was such a great collegiate athlete at her previous school, how on earth could she not cut the heat and walking in D.C.?
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  5. steel has a case in his court presently. Hard to believe he’s still active
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  6. Okay, a prediction. There will be a story about this on the front page of our local "news"paper, the Startlegram. Watch for it.
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  7. Yes, and we all know who the "writer" will be.
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  8. We live in an age where accusation is proof of guilt.
  9. It’s unlikely that there is zero truth in the allegations. It’s also unlikely the allegations are totally true. But that’s why we have a civil trial system.

    scheiss you boomers for pinning litigious society on millennials. We aren’t the ones filing all the [ deposit from a bull that looks like Art Briles ] age discrimination suits.
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  10. You’re a millennial?
  11. How dare you!!!
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    I find the diatribe on the first 61 pages about TCU's cherry picked racist past nothing but irrelevant to the lawsuit.

    I do not disagree that TCU has a racist past, but the University as a whole has changed with American society throughout the years. Still not relevant to this young lady's struggles.

    Her main complaint is that she and her first roommate did not get along, she failed to qualify for a merit based scholarship, and that she was given bad grades for failing to meet the requirements of a university class.

    I see a Motion to Dismiss coming from TCU.


    Plaintiff's attorney seems to go on about Jane Does "athletic ability" and her being a scholar athlete, but she can't walk a few miles in the summertime in a northeastern city?
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  13. born after 1980!

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