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Article on 1957 Cotton Bowl Photo


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Yeah, I posted a thread on this to split the cost of the photo since SI/Getty wanted $1,400 for the negative. Brutal. Please let me know if anyone has a better way to get this so I can frame it!
Damn! I don’t think it was that expensive in ‘99-‘00.


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Every time I read this tears of pride well up. This article explains the essence of TCU football. Jim Brown said in an interview about the game that TCU players were a nice bunch of human beings. This was TCU's zenith during the fifties.
yep. Jim could not even find a motel room in Dallas. If he had had another minute or two he'd beat us. One of the great TCU games. Made up for the heart wrenching loss to Ole Miss. in the Cotton. Our qb just had to try and run the kickoff back and was hurt on the first_______play.


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I bought a copy of this SI last night on eBay for $9. I’ve always wanted a print but don’t want to pay that huge price. When I’ve tried to print a high quality one before off the computer, it turns out just okay. It always had a watermark as well but it was not too noticeable.