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Army Navy Thread

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by Bob Sugar, Dec 3, 2018.

  1. Should be. Navy seem a shell from their usual proficiency while Army continue to impress this year from last.
  2. The following is listed on CBS Sports Network's schedule for Saturday. (Game will be on CBS)

    11:30 AM ET

    Inside College Football: Army-Navy Special presented by USAA

    12:00 PM ET

    Inside College Football Army-Navy March-On presented by USAA

    1:30 PM ET

    Inside College Football Army-Navy Tailgate presented by USAA
  3. Sorry, but I refused to jinx it. lol
  4. Did you buy a Pea Coat to wear?

    You'd be stylin'!
  5. Go Army!

    The Navy:
    500 men go on a boat, 250 couples come off...
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  6. Go Army! Send those squid pukes back to their canoes.
  7. I’m seeing Army as a 7 point favorite according to ESPN. They should win by more than that but who knows when it comes to rivalry games.
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  8. My grandfathers were an Army major and a Navy electrician’s mate in WW2. Hard for me to pick sides. I tend to root for Navy, but probably only because my dad’s dad bought me a mariner’s cross pendant when I was a kid. Plus he had a hula girl tattoo on his forearm, which was boss.
  9. Army and Navy have both been at top of the alternate uniform game the past few years, and 2018 is no exception...

    Army's honoring the 1st Infantry Division this year (after the 82nd Airborne and X Mountain the past two seasons). These are badass... BigRedOne.Football has details on the 1ID and the uniform details.


    Navy's edition honoring their mascot, Bill the Goat, looks great, too.

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  10. I love the Academies, it's a testament to their teams when they play against big state schools. It's hard to be a Solider, Student, and Football player (in that order). Then they have to play kids that might or might not be paid to play a sport, if not in college, maybe at the pro level.
  11. My 23 year to the Army Navy game.. I guess you can say I enjoy going. Both schools can be 1-10 and it is always a sell out.
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  12. I hate saying "Go Navy", but there are Devil Dogs on that team, so...

    Go Navy!
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  13. Denv
    They’re still squids until they leave...
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  14. West Point's.......'Long Gray Line'

    Black Knights of the Hudson

    Go Army!......'sink the swabs'
  15. It's what they become that matters most. As for the Marines, they are the Men's Department of the Navy.
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  16. They don’t play football at Navy
  17. This is an unbelievably boring game. Kind of like most of ours.
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  18. At least we pass more. I really hate the triple option.
  19. Ha! I came on here to post that this game was almost as exciting as our game vs KState.
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