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Armed Forces Bowl

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Frog Wild, Dec 23, 2017.

  1. What the heck!?!? That game was great, right down to the final play. Instant Classic. Wow!
    Rashaad Penny is the 7th best running back in the NFL draft?
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  2. Was last year that epic comeback?

    Either way, the armed forces bowl has had good games.

    Edit- it was Houston - Pitt a couple years ago

    With less than 11 minutes left on the game clock, Houston trailed Pittsburgh by 25 points, but the Cougars came back to win 35–34. It was the biggest fourth quarter comeback in bowl history.
  3. If Penny is the #7 prospect, I am a whole lot impressed with the top 6 running back prospects.
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  4. Attendance was very good.

  5. Great game. Two solid teams. Happy that Army won also. Great crowd Thank you Fort Worth!
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  6. He's probably too small to play in the NFL, so those guys from the Big 10 and SEC are better prospects.
  7. No, I suspect that if Penny were from Notre Dame or Alabama or OU or such, he at least would have been on the list of possible Heissman winner finalists. But he's from SDSU, and can't be very good, right, so didn't even make the finalist list.? Reminds me of that fellow, what was his name?, Tomlinson, who played for TCU, led the league in rushing, and turned out to be a pretty good player. (At least he made the finalist list.)
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  8. Just got back from the game, and it was terrific. Sat in the club section and ate reasonably well. Wish the musicians or the silent drill team from USMA had performed rather than the rather mediocre SDSU bunch.
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  9. I was impressed at how upset and apologetic the Army coach was about missing the National Anthem. It was the main point of his halftime interview. (Even though he did finish the interview with "Beat Navy.") ;)
    Great game with a great finish.
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  10. The crowd looked great on tv. It was sad to see how few were at the Tech vs USF game in Birmingham.
  11. The East side was pretty full - I think they considered all seating GA on the East side and people moved over there to be in the sunshine.

    The west side was pretty anemic.....

    Probably looked good on TV since most views had the East in the background.

    Not good to consider seats GA when definite seats have been purchased and expected to be sat in.......
  12. Especially impressive when SDSU brought almost noone.
  13. Parking was stoopid. More roads than normal were closed. We had a family event in Ellis County and didn' make it back until near the end of the 3rd. Dropped off the family and headed out to do some shopping when I remembered I still had the tickets I was given. Figured I could get into one of the closer lots with no problem given the time. Nope. Didn't even get to see the lots. After driving around for what seemed like forever I finally came to Lot 3 only to find it wasn't used for parking at all. Cantey, Boyd and Stadium were closed. By the time I found a reasonable spot Army was on their final drive.
  14. I think Army's final drive started midway through the second quarter. :) TOP favored Army 46m to 14m. Army ran 91 plays (87 rushing attempts) to SDSU's (31 plays). Army had 31 first downs to Aztec's 11. And there were a combined 31 passing yards between the two teams (which is less than the combined interception return yardage). Army did not punt. The caissons most certainly kept rolling along.
  15. Somehow they managed to go the
    Length of the field in 4 minutes. Their first drive of the 2nd half took 11 minutes, ran 21 plaus and resulted in 0 points.

    Btw, John and BE were on the call and were phenomenal. They usually are on the call for this and the Heart of Dallas Bowl and every year I'm reminded of how great of a PBP team we have.
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  16. Good thing it did not go to overtime. Both defenses were so tired that only a turnover would have stopped a team from scoring a TD.
  17. dam good game. So proud of Army.
  18. Elvis Gallegos was doing color on ESPNU/XM for the Tech game too.

  19. SDSU offense ran 31 plays in the entire game. So while Army’s defense may have sucked I hope to god they weren’t tired.
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