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Arkansas vs TCU - NCAA Regionals - Saturday Game

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by TooColdU, Jun 1, 2019.

  1. Agreed very strange. Was heating up w his home run swing. Very questionable.
  2. Talk with some Northwestern State alums and you’ll get more than two earfuls
  3. Lodolo couldn’t locate his slider at all so Arky was sitting on the fastball. Green has thrown strikes. Just had the usual defense fall apart behind him.
  4. If our national championship offense doesn’t at least put one on the board it wouldn’t much have mattered what NL did tonight
  5. Green comes out and has the inning we wish he had in the 6th. Stretch time
  6. Can someone tell me the last time a TCU team did something against a top arm in the postseason?

    Whether it’s UCLA, FL or now this kid from Ark, we never hit them. Meanwhile our guys aren’t as invincible.
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  7. I’m still mad about not being able to get to that Coastal Carolina pitcher even though he had thrown around 200 pitches in a weekend.
  8. Always laugh at Arkansas fans calling their wife
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  9. We often struggle when we aren’t gifted some runners. Top pitchers don’t gift often enough. We also don’t manufacture much
  10. Come on Hump. Give me one of those line drive bombs to left
  11. And there’s our run
  12. Or first pitch sac fly
  13. Only down 3-1. Not bad. We can do this!
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  14. At least we got 1. To the 8th inning. 3-1
  15. At least we're on the board. Only down 2, we can do this. Seems alot worse than it is.
  16. Should be 1-0
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  17. I kinda think it should be 2-0. Will have a hard time convincing me that JG’s bomb was foul based on his reaction. But it’s probably where it “should” be based on our season-long inability to play decent defense
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  18. What is he doing on a 1-2 count?
  19. How does arkansas’s Number 3 pitcher rank against our number 4? I’m assuming we can beat central Connecticut state university tomorrow .
  20. Count 1-2 and pitching change... for Cal....

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