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Arkansas vs TCU - NCAA Regionals - Saturday Game

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by TooColdU, Jun 1, 2019.

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  2. I dislike Arkansas. Not to visit; this goes back many years and involves Football.


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  3. Arkansas hasn’t done jack since they left. Wonder if they’ve got buyers remorse
  4. Eh...for all the hillbillys it's "SEC, SEC, SEC".

    Dumb asses.
  5. Playing with house money against the #4 team in the country in their house.

    Nothing to lose. All the pressure is on the piggies. Put them against the wall a little bit and see if they can keep their composure. Doesn’t hurt that we’re throwing one of the best arms in the country tonight. Go get ‘em boys!
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  6. Isn't Larry the cable guy a cornhusker??
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  7. very much so
  8. There's a dumbass in the front of the ga with a lifesize cutout of him.
  9. Am I missing something don't see the game listed on ESPN online schedule.
  10. If it's what my app showed, it's way down the list for some reason.
  11. Was hoping for the pinstripes tonight but any jersey looks great with a W.
  12. For the life of me it wasn't with all the other college baseball games.
  13. Casey Martin? Does he use a golf cart to get around the bases?
  14. Flashing leather on the infield
  15. What a play!!! Let’s go!!!!
  16. Awesome getting an out on a play that has caused problems all season
  17. Wow. What an incredible catch. Henry just had a sure hit stolen from him in left field.
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