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Are we arriving in Denver/Boulder an 'extra' day early to adjust to the altitude ?


Bigger concern may be a Rocky Mountain High of a different type...
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We have a history of being the better team, then gassing out in altitude... 2008 Utah game 13-10.
Gave up an 80 yard drive, losing with 48 seconds left.

I think we also went to the prevent defense for that last Utah possession......after having shut them down up to that final Utah possession.


watching the ewan mcgregor documentary when they drove the electric bikes from the tip of Argentina to la

going through the andes they meet a number of bicyclist who were riding their bikes along this route. one guy who is germany made the comment for the last month he had been above 12,000 feet the entire time

good lord, combustion engines don't even run right at that height and dude is climbing insane grades on a freaking bike