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Ar'Darius Washington named Big 12 defensive freshman of the year

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Shorty, Dec 4, 2019 at 3:32 PM.

  1. Very well deserved
  2. Huge scheissing man crush on that kid. Love watching him play.
  3. Someone will complain.
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  4. here is the link to the entire all-big 12 football team


    aside from washington getting named freshman defensive newcomer of the year 4 frogs got named first team defense (big ross, wallow, gladney, and moehrig)

    in a "my have times have changed " moment, tech has 2 first team defenders.

    song was named first team place kicker and reagor and wells were named second team offense
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  5. TCU with 5 1st team selections...most in the B12.
  6. When was the last time TCU had an all-conference TE?
  7. Kelly Blackwell?
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  8. Cole Hunt, Evan Frosch and Logan Brock were honorable mentions but the last time a 1st or 2nd team selection was Cody McCarty in 2004.

    Brian Collins was in 94 and Blackwell 91, 90.
  9. We RETURN 2-3 first team Big 12 defenders and the freshman of the year..... please surprise me RB! Defense could be really good in 2020.
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  10. You wake up from a five month coma to find the Dr. tell you TCU had the most 1st-team All Big 12 selections and is home to the conference’s best freshman defender. You smile and ask him what bowl we’re going to. He loads your IV with propofol.
  11. I will eat some crow as I was really skeptical of taking a 5'8" safety.

    I was super wrong.
  12. Psh, only the 3rd time in the last 8 seasons?!

    Yes kidding.
  13. Seeing the number of 1st team defensive players we have makes me even more frustrated with how unnecessarily awful our offense is.

    You could argue we have just as much talent on offense as we do on the defense. What's the biggest difference? Coaching.
  14. So was GP at first
  15. Fingers crossed that big Ross will be back. He could really up his stock.
  16. Line play. Whether that goes back to coaching or not?
  17. Our defense is subpar...

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