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Arch Manning (Peyton's nephew) to visit Clem, UGA, Bama, UT and SMU

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by peacock, May 12, 2021.

  1. Never thought I would see the Ponies in his list of visits......wonder what the connection is?
  2. SMU now offers Biden’s unemployment benefits which are far better than Craig James used to get.
  3. Nah!

    I heard the Cox school of business is offering courses in how to crash the world economic system while making billions of dollars in profits for your rich corporate political donors.

    It includes unlimited visits to the Bush Library where your learn to mispronounce the word "nuclear".

    Or maybe he just likes the Mustamg Band and that brassy sound.
  4. It’s embarrassing how much you feel the need to defend a political party no matter how minor the slight against it.
  5. [​IMG]
  6. [​IMG]
  7. Interesting he would go to SMU and not TCU. Guess we have expressed zero interest in him. I understand we probably would not get him but the optics don't look great.
  8. Do they even make the Trans-Am anymore? What else could SMU offer?
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    Theres a ZERO percent chance he's gonna end up at SMU. Beyond that I don't really care where he visits.
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  10. Seriously, why would he be interested in TCU? Since 2014, we have almost exclusively played run/pass dual threat type QB's. We also have an OC that has zero history of developing QB's into the NFL, and a first year QB coach.
  11. Porsche electric
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  12. They look much worse for Tennessee and Ol'Miss
  13. the one thought i have on ole miss is you have to think he has visited before to games with dad, one uncle and the paternal grandparent
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  14. TN Sports Radio was just sure he was going to Knoxville!
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  15. He'd do fine at Ole Miss. Big Fish in Little Pond. Plenty of family connections. Plenty of history. Comfortable.
  16. The most famous Trans-Am to cruise The Hilltop was donated by the Aggie Honor Committee.
  17. A & M made the down payment. SMU made the monthly's.
  18. It's embarrassing how often you Trump lemmings feel the need to attack a political party even when it is not germane to the topic of conversation whatsoever.
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  19. It's an unofficial visit, so meh
  20. no payments, atm screwed up and gave him the pink slip before he signed the loi
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