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April 28, 1975 - Saigon Falls

Discussion in 'Hell's Half Acre' started by Paint It Purple, Apr 28, 2021.

  1. Saigon Falls are majestic this time of year. The views from the Canadian side are far better.
  2. I just listened to a 2-part podcast about Pol Pot. Strange bedfellows they made.
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    Those of us who fought there and watched our friends die knew this would be the outcome when we bailed out. The same result will happen in Afghanistan. Alexander the Great, the Brits, Russians, and the US were and are too sophisticated to understand and deal with the Afghan tribesmen. We should spray all their opium poppy fields with agent orange as we leave.
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  4. Just guessing you didn't fight there. Don't denigrate those of us who did.
  5. No slight intended. It was a play on words. My apologies and thank you for your service, my friend.
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  6. I was in the family Ford Fairlane.

    It came on the car AM radio that NVA tanks had entered Saigon city proper.

    I got home and mom said that the Generals for the ARVN forces were rallying in the capitol.

    Dad, WWII Pacific, laughed and said that those guys were changing into civilian clothing.

    We watched it on nightly news as we evacuated our Embassy.

    Dad was really upset that we had wasted so many lives in that war.

    I was 16.

    I think Dad was relieved that I would not have to go. He'd been wounded on Saipan and only talked about it once to me.
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