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AP: Big 12 coaches like 12 team playoffs

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  1. AP: Big 12 coaches like 12 team playoffs

    Arlington, Texas – The Big 12 Conference will certainly benefit from the expansion of the College Football Playoff and will never be left behind.

    The proposed 12-team format would be at least two seasons apart, but six-time defending big 12 champion Oklahoma was still in the playoffs last season. Iowa State University had the league’s best 8-1 record in the regular season before losing the first championship game at any conference, but became the first Big 12 team outside of Sooners.

    Both Sooners and Cyclone have chosen to finish 1-2 again this season, but in the current four-team playoffs, which began seven seasons ago, Big 12 co-champions TCU and Baylor will be after the final CFP rankings. Excluded.

    Read more at https://texasnewstoday.com/big-12-coaches-like-12-team-playoffs/362271/
  2. This reads like it was written by Borat.
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  3. borat as a first grade student
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  4. It was probably written by a bot.
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  5. I blame it all on the use of GUIs instead of command lines.
  6. Ricky Bobby
  7. Glad to know it wasn’t me. Wow!

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