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Anyway back to football!! 9+1 for big 12.

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Fort Frog, Aug 3, 2020.

  1. 10 game schedule according to ESPN
  2. +1 has to be a home game. Will be interesting to see if SMU will agree you two years back to back @TCU
  3. Well, they had their way with us last year.
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  4. Not sure they are afraid of that challenge.
  5. Only two losses during my TCU fandom were at The Carter so maybe we should just play them in Dallas if possible
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  6. I saw that movie in 2005. It ain't much better.

    Let's hope if we do play, we perform better than last year.
  7. SMU comes to Fort Worth or no marquee OOC game for them. They need TCU on the schedule. TCU has all the leverage here. Let's see if our AD is as good as CDC was at negotiating the football schedule.
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  8. Just dump SMU.
  9. Abilene Christian anyone?
  10. If our one OOC game is AT SMU I'm gonna snap.
  11. We need to win one more game against SMU, take our pan back, and be done with that series.

    Coach P wanting that game is the only reason we still play it.
  12. TCU vs. UNLV at the new Raiders Stadium plus Big XII schedule.... I'll be there.
  13. SHSU at ACS

    SMU game cancelled already

    No UNLV game
  14. Obviously the BYU to B12 for a season rumors put to rest
  15. Once the vote became obvious TCU and SHSU made a tentative deal. Could be worse.
  16. If we get a football season in I'll be happy.
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  17. With you on that!
  18. scheiss the ponies
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  19. Well scheiss I was looking forward to that game in Vegas and getting revenge on Little Ponies. Oh well, come on football season.

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