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Anyone subscribe to The Athletic? (Realignment article)

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by NYC Horned Frog, Mar 4, 2020.

  1. That map showed Iowa State and WV being left behind.
  2. And Wash St, Oregon St, Utah, and Colorado.
  3. What was the source of that map? Big XII office?
  4. Everyone wants to accommodate all power five conference teams into the four or five. Simply put some schools will not make in. (and that's a lot of very good programs) If you like call it Div One or possibly National* and Div 2, call it American. Traditional rivals puts this into a tough decision category. Anyway, I've said it a couple of times, it will take a long time to rearrange and unfortunately streaming and networks stick its two cents in and it won't end anywhere close to what you think.

    *Hell that so called National might even be called semi-pro league.
  5. Iowa St and Colorado to the B1G, WVU to the ACC.
  6. Colorado to the Big Ten...maybe... Iowa State would never get a lifeline from Iowa unless the Iowa governor stepped in.
  7. Washington Mailbag: Would UW jump without WSU if invited to another conference?


    By Christian Caple 3h ago[​IMG] 3
    SEATTLE — I don’t know how I found time for it, what with my social calendar bursting at the seams, but, by golly, we’ve got ourselves a mailbag.

    Would Jen Cohen value the relationships with Washington State/Oregon State enough to not go with Oregon/USC to the Big 12 if/when that happens? — Jason J.

    If conference realignment and/or expansion ever become that serious of a consideration, there will be many other decision-makers at the table besides the athletic director — like the president and Board of Regents, for example. The relationship between UW and WSU at the AD level has been a cordial one; Cohen got along well with ex-WSU athletic director Bill Moos and has a strong relationship with current AD Pat Chun. I’m not as sure what that relationship looks like among the campus heads. There was the spat a few years back involving the new medical school in Spokane, but it seems as if UW president Ana Mari Cauce and WSU president Kirk...


    Sorry paywall...

  8. that decision would be made in olympia and not seattle just as the decision for oregon would be made is salem
  9. If they are smart they will support the idea of their state flagships getting better exposure and more money. At the least not interfere with them doing so if they indeed decide that is what is best for them.
  10. udub has a waiting list for students entering the school and while they want to be competitive in sports they are not an athletics first school

    oregon state actually has more students and alums than oregon, if it wasn't for nike the oregon programs possibly outside of track which is a niche' sport, and again they are a part of the world that sees athletics as an extension of the university.
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  11. And yet an invite may arrive and a decision may loom.
  12. There is a chance everyone is so desperate for money to cover lost revenues because of the virus the playoff expands to 8. Power 5 would get auto bids, more incentive to schedule attractive non-conference games (2 ways in, win conference or at large).

    I recently cut the cord and after 6 weeks I don’t miss DirecTV at all plus I save about 60%. Now that sports are on hold we watch about 2 hours a week of live programming at the most. We are contemplating dropping live YouTube TV as well until sports comeback. Might get an antenna to watch the local news. I wonder what is going to happen to the ACC, SEC and Big Ten networks when the cuts run deeper. Pac 12 Network might be in even worse shape. Who is going to pay ala carte for them?
  13. very good question and the only thing that has outpaced the cost of a college education is the spending of some of the college athletic departments.

    people are now starting to consider spending not out of convenience but need and value. do you really need to pay for a service that you aren't locked into if it isn't bringing you new content or something you can easily find on the internet?

    will we see the major conferences come together to support each other or do they left each other try to swim on their own?
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  14. By come together do you mean something like the power 5 conferences negotiating one big TV deal like the NFL?
  15. in a what if situation yes, but in reality i don't see certain schools and conferences willing to give up power and control while other schools and conferences still like to hide behind the academic charade
  16. He likely is talking about old flat top, he come groovin' up slowly. He's got to be a joker, he just do what he please.
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  17. I thought he meant they would support each other. Step away from the pipe. Turn down the radio.

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