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Anyone remember the Wineburg ranch, west of Ft. Worth?

Discussion in 'Killingsworth Court, Formerly The General Forum' started by Tim Griffin, May 20, 2019.

  1. It had a star of David on the gate. I think famous Frog running back Ken Wineburg's family owned it. I don't see it anymore going west on I-20
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  2. I heard David Copperfield was in the DFW area recently. Could he be the culprit? That would be quite a trick to make an entire ranch disappear. What remains in the void of what used to be?
  3. Yeah right.

    It obviously disappeared in the transfer portal.
  4. I remember seeing a Weinberg Ranch sign with the Star of David on the east side of I-35W south of FW back in the 70s and 80s....
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  5. If he did do that, it still wouldn't be even close to his greatest trick. That would be Claudia Schiffer. I'd consider trying to join the magician's union just to find out how the darn he pulled that off.
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  6. A transport company has taken over the property. The house is still there, and all of the land is cover up with car hauler trailers. I think Star is is gone.
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  7. thanks
  8. I certainly remember Ken Wineburg playing with the Jim Swink bunch. He was good runner and receiver on those great teams.
    I know nothing about the ranch, but thanks for posting-- those days when Frogs ruled the SWC in the 50's.
  9. Covering the Gophers at the Women's College World Series this weekend. How is the vibe and popularity of the U softball team in The Cities? They have a nice following here in OKC.
  10. They're pretty popular and have a good following. Still obviously not a major sport but they have a good program and many players are local or regional (Iowa, Wis, SD) which people here like to see.

    My daughter plays for a former Gopher player. We would follow it anyway but more so because of that.
  11. I am actually covering the shortstop, Allie Arneson, who played at Aledo on 2 state championship teams. It is cool covering a national event like this.
  12. Yeah I almost mentioned her as she is one of the few from outside the area and the only one from Texas. Good player!

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