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Anyone remember D'Eriq King?

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Way of the Frog, Sep 30, 2017.

  1. I looked at the schedule and was hoping Miami had Notre Dame on their schedule, but nope. :( I was really disappointed, it would have been like the good ol days
  2. Ken Seals looked pretty good starting as a true freshman against TAMU last night. I only watched about a quarter of the game, but he made one really incredible throw and the announcers were talking about him in a real positive light.

    if I recall, this was another instance of a helicopter dad?
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  3. It seemed like very much so.
  4. Kyle trask at Florida (6 tds yesterday) was King’s backup in high school, but cumbie took Wooten or someone else that never played instead, our QB evaluation is an epic failure
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  5. Wooten was a baller in high school and actually outplayed Robinson in a playoff matchup. Neither panned out sadly...or I guess Robinson may still (highly doubt it) but not for us. That said, our qb evaluation has seemingly been especially horrid for almost 6-8 years now
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  6. I’m not sure any of those “misses” would have thrived in our “system”
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  7. Mayfield isn’t Mayfield without Riley. King probably doesn’t develop into a great QB under Cumbie.

    we already have a ton of talent, it’s just not being developed properly
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  8. I think this is the key.

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