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Discussion in 'Killingsworth Court, Formerly The General Forum' started by Moose Stuff, Oct 2, 2018.

  1. So TCU is proud of its rape culture, then? Or they just don't people saying they don't have one?
  2. I generally avoid political “discussions” like the plague, but thought this was interesting. On Monday in the Kaepernick/Nike thread you supported free speech. On Tuesday in the Steven Crowder thread you didn’t. No comment, just pointing it out. I’ll bet there are examples of others on the other side whose opinions flipped in both threads as well, it just didn’t jump out at me.
  3. Disagree with your interpretation. With regard to Nike, characterizing my comments as free-speech relates omits the majority of what I said. And with regard to Crowdwe, where did I say I didn’t “support free speech”? I only shared strong opinions on the content of his speech and an institution and people’s responses to it.
  4. Crowder's nothing but a silly little clown. But honestly, I just don't see the big deal. Let him do his inane little bit and ignore him. Why does anyone feel they need to be protected?

    Hell, when I was at TCU we had Reverend Rambo camped out on the median of University every week or two, telling us we were all going to hell for our sinful and hedonistic ways. He had a personal insult for everyone, and we all treated it as a campuswide joke.
  5. This is true. He’s just a political shock jock and ignoring him would be everyone’s best course to get rid of him.

    The university’s concern, though, is the image of him sitting in front of the school sign/name with his sign in the era of viral social media. Those images take it from an internal thing to an external thing.
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    Agreed. Just looks bad.

    Honestly, this isn’t the snowflakes the day after Trump was elected needing a safe space. The persons needing help in this situation might have some serious emotional scars. No?
  7. Oh, I don't disagree at all with the school's statement that he's there independent of them and has a right to set up shop on a public sidewalk. That was precisely the right thing to do.

    But as we agree, the best way to deal with him is ignore him. If no one engaged, no one talked to him or even acknowledged him, he'd pack up and leave and never return.

    A university should be a place for free exchange of ideas, to encounter different and sometimes troubling viewpoints. What's irritating about Crowder's little schtick is he hijacks that notion, claiming to seek a intellectual discussion when all he really wants is to provoke a visceral emotional reaction. He does that by seeking out topics with little if any import to him personally and bombarding those who have been deeply impacted by said topic with a barrage of carefully chosen and curated statistics, counting on his preparation and lack of any emotional investment to make those he engages with look like fools beside him.

    You and I, for example, could have a cold, intellectual discussion about the genocide in Rwanda back in the '90s. We could talk the people, places and facts in a genial, detached manner. If we set up shop on the streets of Kigali and tried to convince Rwandan survivors it was all no big deal, things would turn out poorly for us.
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  8. Crowder makes his living ($$) off this deal via his podcasts and subscriptions to his website. My non-lawyer brain says he's on the sidewalk in front of TCU conducting a business enterprise--not some noble expression of his 1st Amendment rights. Doesn't the city of Ft Worth have ordinances controlling sidewalk businesses?

    Wish a group of large, muscular TCU guys would go out to meet him the next time holding a sign "We're Going to Break Your Face. Change Our Mind".

    Oh, for the good old days where the only thing we had to worry about on the sidewalks around TCU was the infamous "Berry Streetwalker".
  9. The response by TCU just makes the school look weak rather than responsible leaders. But it does give you an insight into how the University thinks and the mollycoddling that is now going on at TCU.
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  10. Very substantive and well-argued response. Did you just own the libs and feel big and strong?
  11. If encouraging and helping students to grow up is a conservative position; then, we all need to be conservative. Our country needs strong people for the future, not weak ones.
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    This is a funny narrative pushed by the Crowder lemmings. But lets look at reality. Really this is about the ability to have an open mind or not. Conservatives have closed minds because they are scared, while Liberals approach the unknown with curiosity instead of fear. This is what allows Liberals to be accepting and unthreatened by the unknown while Conservatives put their head in the sand and cry out to make the strange different thing go away.

    It takes much more strength and confidence to be accepting of new things than it does to cower in fear and lash out in anger when confronted with something new or different.

    Not to mention this whole might is right crowder argument is simple elementary style fear mongering, which isn't even a political ideology, but the strategy of a totalitarian demigod. Any idea that conservatives on average are stronger than liberals is just an attempt to appease some pathetic fantasy, and is not based in reality whatsoever.
  13. For what it’s worth, liberals can be equally closed-minded and fear-mongering on numerous issues.

    I mean, c’mon...a US Senator just recently said “millions of women will die!” if Kavanaugh is confirmed. This was just days after he was announced, and no Senator had even talked to him. If that’s not stoking the fears of the public, and I don’t know what to say.

    So please spare us the sanctimony of liberalism’s enlightened superiority over conservatism. As a liberal, you should be willing to accept that conservatives aren’t “lesser”, they’re just different, and different is okay, right?

    Anyway, as for Crowder, I tend to think he is just an agent provocateur with no real message and shouldn’t really be hanging out on college campuses.
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  14. You should save the partisan rhetoric for another time. It doesn't fit in this case. Here, it was the lefty female student that was trying to get Crowder kicked off campus and raising her voice and making all kinds of wild accusations when confronted with these things that didn't support her world view.

    And it isn't conservatives who are trying to censor their political opponents on social media, doxxing them and their families, harassing them at restaurants and elsewhere and even leading to being physically attacked or receiving threats of violence and more. Lefties are dogmatic and aren't open minded at all regarding diversity of thought. There was a time when the left could actually legitimately make some of the claims you made but that is the past. These days, those liberals are an endangered species that is going extinct and your party has instead been hijacked by fanatical leftists who are anything but those things you stated.
  15. Daughter in college? You? We are old now.

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