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Any one else having a hard time finding people to come to a game?

Discussion in 'The Pit' started by Frog45, Sep 25, 2020.

  1. Boom, roasted. Take that Moose Stuff.
  2. 20% percent of the reported is many?

    usa has no plan according to you and yet continually the number of reported deaths has fallen well below the projected numbers of the experts

    watched f1 qualifying from russia and saw very few of the 30,000 spectators wearing masks

    same with the crowd at the borussia dortmund game

    time to stop the fear
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  3. At 9,500, all of Germany has had about the same number of deaths as just Massachusetts. At a little over 20,000 deaths, all of Russia has had slightly more deaths than just New Jersey. Countries that have showed the ability to get a handle on managing this epidemic are opening up in ways the US won’t be able to for some time. No need for fear, I agree with you. But it is way past time for mitigation.

    But again, if it makes you feel better to pretend everything is fine, I say this is a free country and I wish you nothing but peace and health.
  4. Why do you want to believe a random Belgian website that anyone can sign and claim to be a doctor over our doctors and scientists?
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  5. Why do you NOT want to believe it.
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  6. Are you winning? Are you convincing Tyler Durden to believe how you believe Moose? You’ve been fighting with this dude for 3-4 months now.

    I’ll help you out, the answer is no. You’re not changing his mind, and he’s not changing yours.

    And you’re welcome to continue your political fights in one of the other 70 trash political threads on this forum.

    EDIT just realized this thread has been moved to the dumpster. Finally.
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  7. LMAO.... I'm sure Russia is reporting some accurate numbers.
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  8. And yet here you are posting in a thread that you already knew you didn't like.
  9. Man I just don’t understand the need to continue on with the guy. You’ve got nothing to prove there.

    I’m not saying I disagree with your stance over the last several months. It’s just the need to continue on with it. That’s all I’m saying. Clutters the board. Threads disappear. Reduces the quality of the forum, IMO. On to the game for me.
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  10. I did want to believe it. I'd like for everything to be overblown.

    But looking at the data, listening to epidemiologists, and talking with my friends who are doctors have led me to believe that it is a big issue. Maybe not as big of an issue as we thought in January, but still a big issue.
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  11. Perhaps Germans know a little more about what kills people than we do.
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