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Any one else having a hard time finding people to come to a game?

Discussion in 'The Pit' started by Frog45, Sep 25, 2020.

  1. I would be there if it was truly a "large event". Ban tailgating and sitting close to people and make everyone wear masks and then blame the lack of attendance on something else? LOL.
  2. Bunch of pansies. Will be there, mask on, and 12000 attendance is very empty, not sitting anywhere near anybody else with all the empty spacer seats.
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  3. I am in ADA seats so maybe I can use that.
  4. I can speak for everyone else, but I, for one, have a very hard time coming to a game.
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  5. 12,000 is a lot of people in one place during a pandemic. If you think you’ve got the immune system to fight it off if you are infected (as do the people you come into contact with), have at it.
  6. The global pandemic is raging on in people's minds when in reality it ended about 6 months ago. How are things down in your bunker?
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  7. 99.9999 percent of humanity has the immune system to fight it off. What an absolute beating you are.
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  8. A million deaths worldwide, many of them in America in just 9 months. We’re not remotely done with this and still America has no plan to deal with it. I wish it was just in people’s minds.
  9. The families and friends of a million people disagree with you. I know this is inconvenient to your world view, but unfortunately there is a global pandemic raging the likes of which earth has not seen in a century.
  10. You’ve got the AGC.
    You’ve got the Horned Frogs.
    You’ve got football.
    Sorry that isn’t enough to blow your dress up.
    Spit Blood ~~<~<fok baylor!!
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  11. I honestly wish I could buy y'all a beer. Yell for us, too!
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  12. Will do!
  13. Another thread turned political. On an actual scheissing game day. Jesus Christ some of y’all can scheiss up a good thing.
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  14. It's a thread about attendance FWIW. There are like 6 other active threads about the game that you're welcome to post in instead of this one.
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  16. Its pretty empty in here right now, but its still over an hour away from kickoff.
  17. I’ll spare this board the photographs of scores of refrigerated trucks required to serve as makeshift morgues, or the aerial photos of mass graves in Brazil. I know you think it is a hoax. It’s a free country and I wish you well.
  18. Can one of the mods give this jackass a vacation?
  19. For what?
  20. I think we need a dedicated thread for posts that are clearly responding to posters on ignore. Pretty humorous stuff when you have to “assume” the provocative post.

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