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Any one else having a hard time finding people to come to a game?

Discussion in 'The Pit' started by Frog45, Sep 25, 2020.

  1. Bar is fully stocked. The pool is a wee bit on the chilly side, but the sun is shining brightly and should warm things to a comfortable level by game time tomorrow. Fabulous dinner prepped for my lovely bride this evening, and several delightful rums from which to choose with cigars later on in the evening.

    Fort Worth is 300 miles away.

    The old and dear friends with which we generally stay are paranoid in the extreme about the Chinese virus, and our visiting would be problematic.

    So, drinks and frolicking, game on the tablet set beside the pool! Woo-hoo!
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  2. Ironically, my in-laws won’t be making the game tomorrow because this morning my FIL was admitted to the hospital with breathing problems. Still waiting on test results.
  3. Driving up from Austin. Wouldn't miss it. Would 75 as a high temp be better? yes. Would a full stadium be better? yes. Would no mask be better? yes. would tailgating be better? yes. But Frog Football is happening. That is enough for me. Guess the average fan just needs more than seeing the purple on the field.
  4. Of course, it's a long way from El Paso to The Carter so it's not like I could on an impulse drop everything and drive over for the game. But even if I lived close by I'd probably not be all that excited about attending a game these days.

    Oh, when I lived in Fort Worth I used to have upper deck season tickets. My family had season tickets for years, ever since our first real contact with TCU back in 1949. I used to long for the days when TCU football would again come to town. My favorite memory from attending TCU was being one of Elmer Brown's student trainers.

    But...things have changed.

    And it's not just the COVID crazies. It's lots more than that.

    When I read this forum, for example, so much game-day input is bellyaching from those who do attend. Too many non-TCU fans...too much loud music...not enough snackage outlets...beer not cold enough...too long a walk to the bathroomss...inconvenient parking...rude people taking tickets...not easy-peasy to go to the parking lot for a halftime snort and return...rude seat neighbors complaining about sitting/standing/cheering...the TCU band playing terrible music...the pressbox announcer's diction..."ugly" uniform colors. And this season there'll doubtless be some controversy about national anthem protocol.

    Even if I lived in my old house on Rogers Avenue I think nowadays I'd just stay home and watch the game on TV and listen to Brian, John and sometimes Landry announce things. The bathrooms at home are cleaner, closer and uncrowded...whatever beverage I select will be just cold enough and I won't have to stand in a line to get it...no-hassle parking...a "mute" button for LOUD COMMERCIAL ANNOUNCEMENTS and band music I don't like. And a few hundred bucks in my pocket at the end of the season.

    Game Day at The Carter. That used to be something I really looked forward to from my very first visit (TCU v. Oklahoma A&M).

    But...like I said, things have changed.
  5. I think you out-mileage me by nearly double!
  6. No tailgating and having to wear a mask is a no from me. I don't have tickets anyway.
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  7. That sounds perfect. Enjoy!
  8. Frogsxy and I drove in today...320 miles, staying at the Worthington...taking our oldest son tomorrow. Can’t wait! But fully understand those that are hesitant to attend.
  9. Plenty of tickets on StubHub if anyone wants to go. I am tempted to buy one and drive up from San Antonio.
  10. Bringing a friend who hasn't been to a home game in a very long time.

    Gonna watch those Frogs and enjoy it!
  11. Still over a hundred available. Mrs Pharm asked me if I wanted to go. I passed.
  12. Try peeing in it. I think you’ll find it’s more absorbent than you think.
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  13. He!! Yea I'm going.

    Face covers, small crowds, no tailgating, packaged food, NOT A PROBLEM.

    Frogs are tough and we're going to win,

    Froglaw will be in the building.
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  14. I'm warming up the RCA now so I can watch from here in Eastern Indiana. No one coming over as the farmers are busy harvesting corn.
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  15. Interesting. I go to games precisely for the same reasons you don’t. And I’m 100, too.
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  16. It's their nannies.
  17. Lots of stuff going on, like a global pandemic.
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  18. Those surprised at the vast lack of interest in attending a large event are watching too much Fox and OANN.
  19. I ended up buying season tickets yesterday morning. Figured I could expense some of them. Sell the Kansas game back to the school. I will be out of town for the Baylor game so I can sell those on Stub Hub to Tehc fans. Highly doubt the SMU game will be played. Might be out couple hundred bucks at most.

    Do all fans have to wear masks? Taking my 5 yr old today.
  20. All fans must wear masks. Just tell them you’re a dispassionate observer and you should be okay without one.
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