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Any one else having a hard time finding people to come to a game?

Discussion in 'The Pit' started by Frog45, Sep 25, 2020.

  1. My wife told me when I got seats for this year that she and the kids were not going to come. So instead of buying our usual four seats, I just purchased two. But I'm striking out with getting anyone to come with me this week. Maybe its just this week, or maybe people are more afraid to go than I assumed.

    Regardless...If anyone needs two, I could sell you mine and go sit with my friend who has an extra. But he's on the East Side... in the sun.

  2. I’m having no problem with this at all.
  3. I'm thinking it might be just one of those weeks where people have stuff going on.
  4. More people are afraid of the China Virus than you would think.

    I was swimming at the pool yesterday at a Lifetime Fitness up in Keller and there were people in the pool wearing face shields as they swam.

    Soccer moms believe if their kids go back to school in person they will be picking out burial plots a couple weeks later.

    These are likely the people who don't want to go to games.
  5. Or it might be one of those weeks when I don’t have tickets to the game.
  6. ....And their only source of information is CNN and MSNBC.
  7. I know some who are like that. I sent a friend a link to the CDC data update and he indicated he was shocked because the news has shown it to be something completely different. He is an engineer and can analyze data well. But many folks are going to translate data that well. The media seems to know this.
  8. It isn't the soccer moms.
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  9. I'm not afraid of the virus, but I have zero desire to sit OUTSIDE and wear a mask for 4 hours in a sparsely populated stadium. The fun of going to the games is the atmosphere (especially the roar of the crowd after a big play). Without that, I'll save the gas for the drive from out of town, and enjoy the game from the comfort of my back patio.
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  10. This. They water down the experience like this (no tailgating, distancing in the stadium, masks, etc.) and then wonder why people don't want to go? What do you expect? I'm not going, but if it were a normal experience I'd 100% be there, virus or no virus.
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  11. I would love to be there, but we didn't renew tickets based on the uncertainty of situation. And I'm not paying Stubhub price of $75, ridiculous.

    I'm one of the weird people who doesn't mind a mostly empty stadium. I'm there for the football above anything else by a mile. I enjoy showing up 1.5 hours before the game and watching warm-ups close to the field. Of course a packed house, big time game is awesome, but they are so rare.
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  12. yep, they don't want to miss out on prowling ...
    amarite, Frisco?
  13. Want to be my date?
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  14. Would gladly accept if I was still in DFW, but in Houston and with two small kids. Too late for me
  15. Asl?

  16. If I didn’t have to work I would buy them.
  17. Don't forget measurements
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  18. Me too. I have club seats but I deferred them to next year. No way I'm going to sit in the heat for four hours with a face diaper on, especially since they haven't been proven to work in an outdoor community setting anyway.
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  19. No takers this week.....

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