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Any of you Deadbeats Going to Super Regional?


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lisa t is coming in from the left coast?
LisaT will be across the pond in London, sadly. I will try and catch the game on Friday - I think it starts 10PM GMT. Maybe even Saturday's game at a good sports bar in London. Or I'll be checking the game thread.


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I’ll be watching from Alabama, praying Alabama gets routed, so I can dress in my TCU gear and pies them all off. I love living in SEC country and being a Frog.

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Steel will agree to sit with you if you provide the ticket and can sit there without flapping your yapper the whole time. And are of a physical stature that won't intrude into Steel's personal space -- i.e., you're not fat.

Let Steel know...


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I would hope that expanding seating down the first base line is in the plans and being fundraised, as well as other improvements to the stadium. Gotta keep up. I'm not saying $75M stadium like Stillwater. But let's do better.

More bathrooms and a hot tub!